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Christina Fialho '06

At a glance:

Christina Fialho '06 learned outside of the classroom at SCU and discovered her true calling as a legal advocate for forced immigrants.

While Christina Fialho '06 was a student at SCU, she learned some valuable lessons outside of the classroom. By serving as a DISCOVER Ministry Fellow, Fialho participated in the Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County's Refugee Resettlement Program. The Program aids thousands of people every year settle into American life. "As a Fellow at Catholic Charities, I found my life calling to serve forced migrants and immigrants," she says. One of the most important jobs Fialho completed was helping a Liberian refugee to reunite with her children. Previously, the woman had unsuccessfully pleaded to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to obtain her children. After working with Fialho, her request was granted. She now lives in San Jose with both of her children.

After graduating from SCU in 2006, Fialho worked for Upwardly Global - a nonprofit program aimed to help skilled, work authorized immigrants and refugees to find employment in the U.S. Her experiences at Upwardly Global in San Francisco, coupled with her experiences at SCU, are the reasons why she is now studying law at SCU in order to become a legal advocate for forced immigrants.

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