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Faculty & Staff Stories in the College of Arts and Sciences

Martin photo

Joanne Martin

Lecturer, Theatre and Dance

Lecturer for theater department finds reward in teaching students, with no design experience, to construct costumes.

Miller photo

Leilani Miller

Associate Professor, Biology

Biology professor learns how cells distinguish themselves from one type to another alongside her students.

Nichols photo

Laura Nichols

Associate Professor, Sociology

Sociologist lets students ride the city bus, the whole length of its trip, to study firsthand changes in social strata.

Pace photo

David Pace

Resident Director, Study Abroad Program in West Africa

Photography professor's work in Burkina Faso offers students a one-of-a-kind experience

Pappas photo

Andrea Pappas

Associate Professor, Art and Art History

Art history professor knows how to put museums together, from choosing the pieces to giving the tours.

Popalisky photo

David Popalisky

Assistant Professor, Theater and Dance

Director of SCU's dance program helps students create meaning in movement.

Schaefer photo

Ed Schaefer

Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Cryptography and the AIDS epidemic in Africa are two strong areas of interest for this math professor.

Scott photo

Richard Scott '88

Associate Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Seeing students understand the mathematical symmetry in nature is rewarding for math professor.

Silberman photo

Carolyn Silberman

Artist-in-Residence/Lecturer, Theater and Dance

Lecturer for the theater department pushes talented students to find the connection between art and spirituality.

Simone photo

Patricia Simone

Associate Professor, Psychology

Psychology professor's research suggests that the gap between young minds and old ones may not be that large.