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Stories in the School of Engineering

Razeem photo

Mohammed Razeem '08

Mechanical Engineering major

A recent graduate finds his master's education is paying off in unexpected ways.

Reiley photo

Carol Reiley '04

Computer Engineering major

Computer engineering grad earns her Ph.D. specializing in surgical robots, a path she started on thanks to rare opportunities as an undergraduate.

Schwab photo

Connor Schwab '14

Mechanical Engineering major

Mechanical engineer discovers a vocation through his Pathways courses and reflection essay

Seago photo

Jeffrey Seago '09

Mechanical Engineering major

Mechanical engineering major took part every step of the way creating a new, bouncy material--metallic glass.

Sennott photo

Tim Sennott '09

Mechanical Engineering major

Issues of sustainability urges mechanical engineer to incorporate environmentalism into his career.

Serrette photo

Reynaud Serrette

Professor, Civil Engineering

Civil engineering professor challenges students to design homes for Haiti in ten weeks.

Sommer photo

William Sommer '11

Civil Engineering major

For their senior design project, William Sommer '11 and Dan Lawrie '11 helped villagers in Ghana construct a building for community gatherings.

Teixeira photo

Elico Teixeira '08

Engineering physics major

For engineering physics major, Santa Clara's emphasis on community set him up for success in research and graduate school.

Venugopal photo

Rathi Venugopal '10

Engineering management major

The Engineering Management Program keeps grad student ahead of the technology curve.

Walsh photo

Chad Walsh '95, '00

Electrical Engineering major

Chad Walsh applies his electrical engineering and law degrees to a variety of entrepreneurial and social endeavors.