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Stories in the School of Engineering

Mardula photo

Kadee Mardula '11

Mechanical Engineering major

Mechanical engineering student Kadee Mardula '11 and bioengineering student Simi Olabisi '11 collaborate with colleagues to design a low-cost, solar-powered, neonatal incubator for use in Nigeria.

Martin photo

Elliott Martin

Mechanical engineering student

Mechanical engineering student channels his learning into water and sanitation projects in Honduras with Engineers Without Borders-USA

Mo photo

Jeff Mo

Computer Engineering major, graduate student

Computer engineering graduate develops proficiency in an advanced operating system in just two months.

Mourad photo

Samiha Mourad

Professor, Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering professor provides an interactive approach among busy Ph.D. students through research.

Oldham photo

Terra Oldham

Mechanical engineering graduate

Mechanical engineering student draws connections between science, technology, and society in her senior Pathway essay.

Panelli photo

Alex Panelli '91

Mechanical Engineering major

Silicon Valley entrepreneur credits his mechanical engineering background as a key to his success.

Pelfrey photo

Eric Pelfrey '09

Mechanical Engineering major

SCU's Career Center's many internships opens doors for mechanical engineering major.

Pitt photo

Chris Pitt '05

Professional Engineer, LEED AP

Civil engineering major puts his education to work in the world through volunteer efforts with Engineers Without Borders.

Posadas photo

Arturo Posadas '11

Computer Engineering major

An interest in software engineering and solving problems led Arturo Posadas '11 to develop a reliable phone card platform that helps African-immigrant communities connect better with family members in their home countries.

Ramirez photo

Aaron Ramirez '08

Computer Engineering major

Encouragement and year-long design project lead to an exciting career for computer engineer.