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Pursuing meaningful work in environmental science

Chris Yuan-Farrell
Biology and Environmental Studies major
Graduate student became an expert in conservation easement research through his undergraduate years on the Mission campus. Read the full profile »

Committing to Santa Clara

Dana Wolfe
English major
What alumnus, now marketing director at a healthcare company, values most is SCU's commitment to each and every student. Read the full profile »

From sleep lab to SRI

Megan Thompson
Psychology major
SCU's hands-on learning prepares alumna for the brain scans and neuropsychological experiments she does today. Read the full profile »

The risk factor

Sanjiv R. Das
Professor, Finance
Finance professor develops a model that accurately determines risks in investment. Read the full profile »

Business in Her Blood

Hannah Watanabe
Marketing major
A rigorous marketing program and a love for business lead to dream job in Silicon Valley. Read the full profile »