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Is it right to do that?

Meir Statman
Professor, Finance
Ethics in business has always been a topic of contention, but finance professor tackles it head-on. Read the full profile »

Putting knowledge into action

Tammy Madsen
Associate Professor, Management
Tammy Madsen wants students to use class content at work the next day, and uses case studies and group projects to accelerate the process. Read the full profile »

Following baseball around the world

Melissa Segura
Spanish Studies major, Communication major
Small town communications and Spanish major proves she can make it big through many internships and helpful professors. Read the full profile »

Watching students get it

Richard Scott
Associate Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
Seeing students understand the mathematical symmetry in nature is rewarding for math professor. Read the full profile »
Jose Dorador
Philosophy & Economics Major
First-generation college student is grateful for his many SCU educational experiences Read the full profile »