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Bringing literature to light

Terry Beers
Professor, English
English professor enlists his students to work with the California Legacy Project in reviving California literature. Read the full profile »

Alleviating hay fever

Tracy Matray
Associate Director, Chemistry; Ph.D Colorado State University
Associate chemistry director studies DNA strands to relieve people of hay fever and allergies. Read the full profile »

Honing problem-solving skills in the lab

Andrew Vu
Chemistry major
Thinking and solving problems like a scientist are major talents honed by this chemistry major. Read the full profile »

The Eco Dispenser

Alex Fischer
Mechanical Engineering major
Mechanical engineering students create the future of vending machines: sustainable, innovative, and cool. Read the full profile »

Balancing music and numbers

Gregory Dalli
Accounting major, Jazz Guitar major
Accounting and jazz guitar double major gets the best of both worlds at SCU. Read the full profile »