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A hockey fan came to the right campus in California

Thomas Sullivan
English major
English major appreciates the education, as well as all of the activities, the Mission campus has to offer. Read the full profile »
Kadee Mardula
Mechanical Engineering major
Mechanical engineering student Kadee Mardula '11 and bioengineering student Simi Olabisi '11 collaborate with colleagues to design a low-cost, solar-powered, neonatal incubator for use in Nigeria. Read the full profile »
Kazimir Brown
Sociology Major
Sociology major receives funding from generous alumni and realizes the importance of commitment to community. Read the full profile »

Connecting the dots

Shweta Kapoor
Marketing major
Marketing major places faces to the statistics through her El Salvador immersion trip. Read the full profile »

Christina Fialho, social justice activist

Christina Fialho '12
A law alum exemplifies Santa Clara Law's commitment to social justice with California's first immigration detention visitation program. Read the full profile »