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Steps to knowledge lead to medical school

Joyce Viloria
Biology major
Evaluating DNA enzymes as an undergraduate research student drives alumna to success in graduate school. Read the full profile »

Math in the developing world

Ed Schaefer
Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
Cryptography and the AIDS epidemic in Africa are two strong areas of interest for this math professor. Read the full profile »

Identifying the causes of cancer

Ángel Islas
Associate Professor, Biology
Associate biology professor studies the causes of cancer and students lend a hand in this life-changing research. Read the full profile »

Finding solutions in the lab

Kirstin Nosé
Research Associate, Genencor
Research associate praises her undergraduate and graduate experiences in shaping her career. Read the full profile »

Analyzing proteins with x-rays

Gabe Ozorowski
Ph.D. student at UC Irvine
Alumnus' experience researching the causes of cancer at SCU urges him to join research in the biotech field. Read the full profile »