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How do cells make decisions?

Leilani Miller
Associate Professor, Biology
Biology professor learns how cells distinguish themselves from one type to another alongside her students. Read the full profile »

Beijing study abroad trip transforms

Gabriel Sattayapiwat
Mathematics major, Asian American studies minor
Mathematics major takes his studies abroad to the hustle and bustle of China. Read the full profile »

Creating energy for the biofuels industry

Craig Stephens
Associate Professor, Biology
The study of aquatic bacteria helps biology professor develop a new kind of biofuel. Read the full profile »

Rising to the challenge

Jeff Mo
Computer Engineering major, graduate student
Computer engineering graduate develops proficiency in an advanced operating system in just two months. Read the full profile »

A less isolating approach to earning a Ph.D.

Samiha Mourad
Professor, Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering professor provides an interactive approach among busy Ph.D. students through research. Read the full profile »