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Motivated by small classes

Brian Moon
business major; M.S. in Information Systems
Business major transfer finds SCU offers valuable one-on-one learning and hands-on experience. Read the full profile »

Creating energy for the biofuels industry

Craig Stephens
Associate Professor, Biology
The study of aquatic bacteria helps biology professor develop a new kind of biofuel. Read the full profile »

Honing problem-solving skills in the lab

Andrew Vu
Chemistry major
Thinking and solving problems like a scientist are major talents honed by this chemistry major. Read the full profile »

Using information better

David Zimbra
M.S. Information Systems
Technology and business go hand in hand for this alumnus, who has predicted water demands and forecasted sales for companies. Read the full profile »

Business in Her Blood

Hannah Watanabe
Marketing major
A rigorous marketing program and a love for business lead to dream job in Silicon Valley. Read the full profile »