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Brooke Boniface
Political Science major
Political Science senior is thankful for the role SCU has played in shaping her future. Read the full profile »
Yasna Martinez
M.A., Counseling Psychology. MFT and LPCC, Latino Counseling Emphasis
Yasna Martinez hopes to affect a positive change in her community, breaking down barriers to Latina/o people seeking counseling. Read the full profile »

Steps to knowledge lead to medical school

Joyce Viloria
Biology major
Evaluating DNA enzymes as an undergraduate research student drives alumna to success in graduate school. Read the full profile »
Caroline Read '12
Psychology and Religious Studies Double Major, French Minor
Psychology and religious studies double major discovers the meaning of solidarity in her involvement with the community Read the full profile »

Confidence gained from experience

Rebecca Glover
Math major
Santa Clara's attention to detail for its students gives math major confidence to pursue graduate school. Read the full profile »