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Appreciating the aging mind

Patricia Simone
Associate Professor, Psychology
Psychology professor's research suggests that the gap between young minds and old ones may not be that large. Read the full profile »

Committing to Santa Clara

Dana Wolfe
English major
What alumnus, now marketing director at a healthcare company, values most is SCU's commitment to each and every student. Read the full profile »

Student author

Katie Girlich
English major
Current Freshman student and English major Katie Girlich has already written and published her first book. Read the full profile »

Directing the future

Allie Dunne
Individual Studies major
Individual studies major walks off the beaten path and designs a curriculum combining economics with health issues. Read the full profile »

Studying the sleeping mind

Tracey Kahan
Associate Professor, Psychology
Psychology professor studies the sleeping mind and engages students in the science of sleep. Read the full profile »