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Leading the Industry

Sandeep Kaur
Bioengineering major, Operations Management and Information Systems Minor
A bioengineering major hones her skills at NASA and hopes to help cure muscle dystrophy. Read the full profile »

Chocolate-Covered Opportunities

Leanne Perricone
Management major
Through SCU's study abroad program, management intern travels and studies across the world--two times. Read the full profile »

Doing fieldwork in the rainforest

Michelle Bezanson
Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Anthropology professor's classroom is in the Costa Rican rainforests where students are encouraged to get their hands dirty. Read the full profile »

Is it right to do that?

Meir Statman
Professor, Finance
Ethics in business has always been a topic of contention, but finance professor tackles it head-on. Read the full profile »

Learning on stage and behind the scenes

Hilary Tarver
Theater and Dance major
SCU exposes theater and dance major to all aspects of theater production, from designing costumes to playing lead roles. Read the full profile »