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Jessica Reiner '13
Psychology major
Through the "Applied Ethics" Pathway, psychology major takes extra classes outside of her major to fulfill her personal academic interests Read the full profile »

The cost of having it now

George Chacko
Professor, Finance
Finance professor pinpoints the cost of doing business with intermediary agencies and has his work published. Read the full profile »

Lab research A to Z

David Doroquez
Biology major conducts the entire scientific experiment, from developing a hypothesis to publishing an article on his findings. Read the full profile »

Law alum Juliana Williamson brings awareness to domestic violence in the LGBTQ community

Juliana Williamson '12
Williamson wrote an article about domestic violence in same sex relationships, which is now cited by prosecutors, experts, and the press. Read the full profile »

Finance for Social Justice

Sam Baker
Finance major, Music minor
Inspired by the social justice philosophy, alumnus Sam Baker co-founded a business that provides low-cost computers to communities in El Salvador. Read the full profile »