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Finding a path to helping others

Maggi Van Dorn
Religious Studies major
SCU prepares alumna for what to do for the rest of her life: explore religion and spirituality creatively. Read the full profile »

Leading the Tech Innovation

John Judnich
Computer Engineering major
A computer science and engineering major changes the landscape of 3D graphics. Read the full profile »

Supervising Attorney, Northern California Innocence Project

Linda Starr
Legal Director, Northern California Innocence Project
Linda Starr, co-founder of the Northern California Innocence Project, works with students to exonerate innocent prisoners. Read the full profile »

The risk factor

Sanjiv R. Das
Professor, Finance
Finance professor develops a model that accurately determines risks in investment. Read the full profile »

Bringing literature to light

Terry Beers
Professor, English
English professor enlists his students to work with the California Legacy Project in reviving California literature. Read the full profile »