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Amelia Fuller

Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry professor studies the shapes of proteins and research in the field encourages her to join Santa Clara.

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Randee Garber '08

Communication major

Alumna's hands-on experience putting on a show leads her to pursue an acting career in Hollywood.

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Annie Garrison '01

Math major

Math major publishes a topology paper as an undergraduate and now pursues teaching math education.

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Katie Girlich '15

English major

Current Freshman student and English major Katie Girlich has already written and published her first book.

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Shannon Gleeson '02

Sociology major

SCU teaches sociology major qualitatively and quantitatively, opening up a range of career paths in the field.

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Rebecca Glover '08

Math major

Santa Clara's attention to detail for its students gives math major confidence to pursue graduate school.

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Michael Hayes '10

Biochemistry major

Biochemistry major identifies diseases in his undergraduate research.

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Jeremy Herb '08

English major

Working on SCU's weekly student paper prepares journalism major for political reporting.

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Kristin Heyer

Bernard J. Hanley Professor of Religious Studies

Professor incorporates community-based learning to introduce new perspectives on social realities and promote solidarity with the community.

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Scott Hickey '09

Biochemistry major

Work in a research lab prompts biochemistry alumnus to continue research after graduation.