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Baldwin-Philippi photo

Jesse Baldwin-Philippi '07

Ph.D. student in Political Communication

Communications studies alumna values the faculty-student relationships at Santa Clara.

Beers photo

Terry Beers

Professor, English

English professor enlists his students to work with the California Legacy Project in reviving California literature.

Bezanson photo

Michelle Bezanson

Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Anthropology professor's classroom is in the Costa Rican rainforests where students are encouraged to get their hands dirty.

Billingslea photo

Aldo Billingslea

Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance

Theatre and dance professor inspires students to recognize social issues and use their acting skills to initiate change.

Billingslea photo

Renee Billingslea


Photography professor uses art and the camera to engage students in local and Santa Clara University communities

Boniface photo

Brooke Boniface '11

Political Science major

Political Science senior is thankful for the role SCU has played in shaping her future.

Brown photo

Kazimir Brown '11

Sociology Major

Sociology major receives funding from generous alumni and realizes the importance of commitment to community.

Caulley Pelton photo

Dana Caulley Pelton '04

Math major

Math major praises the impact her SCU education has made on her life.

Czapla photo

Liz Czapla '09

Math major

Math major, and huge hockey fan, easily catches games because of SCU's proximity to San Jose Sharks' hockey rink.

Dadiomov photo

Liza Dadiomov '10

Environmental Studies major, Psychology major

These alumnae, all part of a sustainable living program, studied students' behavior in making sustainable choices.