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Cathlin Atchison '78

At a glance:

Cathlin Atchison '78 sees firsthand the strong relationship between SCU's alumni and service work.

Cathlin Atchison '78 has been volunteering with HOPE Services since 1996. She is passionate about all HOPE offers, especially the programs that assist children, adults and seniors with disabilities to become valued and participating members of their communities. HOPE's clients include individuals with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, Downs syndrome, and other related conditions who live in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito and San Mateo counties.

Now in her second year serving as the Board President, Atchison sees the strong connection SCU alumni have with HOPE. At this time, at least one third of the board are SCU graduates.

Atchison sees the fruits of her labor when she walks downtown. "In Santa Cruz, HOPE Service crews work in several areas including the resource recovery facility, the parking garage, seasonal tree clean ups and cleaning the streets. When I walk downtown, I see the HOPE clients diligently cleaning but also smiling and talking with visitors and shoppers. These HOPE clients are embodying the mission of the organization. They are living and participating fully in their community, enriching the experience of all who walk, shop, and visit our downtown."

"I come away from HOPE events, encounters with HOPE clients and staff, and even board meetings with a renewed energy and positive vision on life," says Atchison. "I have gotten so much out of my years with HOPE Services. I am proud and honored to be a part of such a fantastic organization."

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