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Alumni Stories in the College of Arts and Sciences

Gleeson photo

Shannon Gleeson '02

Sociology major

SCU teaches sociology major qualitatively and quantitatively, opening up a range of career paths in the field.

Glover photo

Rebecca Glover '08

Math major

Santa Clara's attention to detail for its students gives math major confidence to pursue graduate school.

Herb photo

Jeremy Herb '08

English major

Working on SCU's weekly student paper prepares journalism major for political reporting.

Hickey photo

Scott Hickey '09

Biochemistry major

Work in a research lab prompts biochemistry alumnus to continue research after graduation.

Kalogrides photo

Demetra Kalogrides '03

Sociology major

Conducting sociological research as an undergraduate prepares this sociology major for graduate school.

Leyva photo

Cynthia Leyva '12

Psychology and Ethnic Studies Major, Spanish Minor

A recent graduate channels SCU coursework with the community into post-graduate endeavors

Lynch  photo

Michael Lynch '07

Political Science major

Political science alumnus and military veteran publishes thesis in military journal noting importance of empathy in reserves.

Matray photo

Tracy Matray '91

Associate Director, Chemistry; Ph.D Colorado State University

Associate chemistry director studies DNA strands to relieve people of hay fever and allergies.

Nosé photo

Kirstin Nosé '06

Research Associate, Genencor

Research associate praises her undergraduate and graduate experiences in shaping her career.

Ozorowski photo

Gabe Ozorowski '06

Ph.D. student at UC Irvine

Alumnus' experience researching the causes of cancer at SCU urges him to join research in the biotech field.