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Alumni Stories in the College of Arts and Sciences

Baldwin-Philippi photo

Jesse Baldwin-Philippi '07

Ph.D. student in Political Communication

Communications studies alumna values the faculty-student relationships at Santa Clara.

Caulley Pelton photo

Dana Caulley Pelton '04

Math major

Math major praises the impact her SCU education has made on her life.

Dezember photo

Michelle Dezember '06

Art History major, Sociology major

Working with NYC museums for inner-city kids leads art history major to win a grant to study museums in Barcelona.

DiCarlo photo

Vanessa DiCarlo '08

Religious Studies major

Through the Arrupe Center, alumna grasps the importance of community-based learning as elementary school volunteer.

Dindia photo

Christine Dindia '00, '03

Communication major, Environmental Science major

An alumna's passion for education takes her from SCU to Africa and back

Doroquez photo

David Doroquez '99, '07


Biology major conducts the entire scientific experiment, from developing a hypothesis to publishing an article on his findings.

Dowling photo

Kevin Dowling '84

Political Science major

Political science graduate, and current vice-major of Hayward, praises SCU's faculty and thrilling basketball games.

Figueroa Renteria photo

Sandra Figueroa Renteria '03

Sociology major

Sociology major's field work at a women's shelter grounds her decision to go the social service route.

Garber photo

Randee Garber '08

Communication major

Alumna's hands-on experience putting on a show leads her to pursue an acting career in Hollywood.

Garrison photo

Annie Garrison '01

Math major

Math major publishes a topology paper as an undergraduate and now pursues teaching math education.