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Olson photo

Henry Olson '14

Operations and Management Information Systems major

Business student explores unexpected interest in technology and engineering through Design Thinking pathway, which eventually sent him down a different career path.

Ozorowski photo

Gabe Ozorowski '06

Ph.D. student at UC Irvine

Alumnus' experience researching the causes of cancer at SCU urges him to join research in the biotech field.

Panelli photo

Alex Panelli '91

Mechanical Engineering major

Silicon Valley entrepreneur credits his mechanical engineering background as a key to his success.

Pitt photo

Chris Pitt '05

Professional Engineer, LEED AP

Civil engineering major puts his education to work in the world through volunteer efforts with Engineers Without Borders.

Read photo

Caroline Read '12

Psychology and Religious Studies Double Major, French Minor

Psychology and religious studies double major discovers the meaning of solidarity in her involvement with the community

Reiley photo

Carol Reiley '04

Computer Engineering major

Computer engineering grad earns her Ph.D. specializing in surgical robots, a path she started on thanks to rare opportunities as an undergraduate.

Reiner photo

Jessica Reiner '13

Psychology major

Through the "Applied Ethics" Pathway, psychology major takes extra classes outside of her major to fulfill her personal academic interests

Schwab photo

Connor Schwab '14

Mechanical Engineering major

Mechanical engineer discovers a vocation through his Pathways courses and reflection essay

Schwanz photo

Nick Schwanz '09

Marketing major

Leavey business school's excellent reputation attracts marketing graduate, and his years there were more than satisfactory.

Segura photo

Melissa Segura '01

Spanish Studies major, Communication major

Small town communications and Spanish major proves she can make it big through many internships and helpful professors.