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Kerwin Snyder photo

Jennifer Kerwin Snyder '04

Mechanical Engineering major

Alumna quickly puts her hands-on experience to work as lead engineer of a scientific applications firm.

Laster-Jones  photo

Marcale Laster-Jones '09

Marketing major, Finance emphasis

Marketing alumnus commends SCU's marketing program for preparing him to market for professional sports franchises.

Leyva photo

Cynthia Leyva '12

Psychology and Ethnic Studies Major, Spanish Minor

A recent graduate channels SCU coursework with the community into post-graduate endeavors

Lynch  photo

Michael Lynch '07

Political Science major

Political science alumnus and military veteran publishes thesis in military journal noting importance of empathy in reserves.

Malachowsky  photo

Chris Malachowsky '86

M.S. in Computer Engineering, Co-Founder of NVIDIA

Alumnus and co-founder of NVIDIA helps the next generation of Broncos learn from his real-world experience as a leader in Silicon Valley.

Matray photo

Tracy Matray '91

Associate Director, Chemistry; Ph.D Colorado State University

Associate chemistry director studies DNA strands to relieve people of hay fever and allergies.

Melone photo

Denise Melone '06

Marketing major

Graduate praises SCU's business school for prepping her for the executive marketing position she holds today.

Milkis photo

Zachary Milkis

English and Political Science majors

English and Political Science double major integrates interest for community-based work in his American Studies Pathway

Nosé photo

Kirstin Nosé '06

Research Associate, Genencor

Research associate praises her undergraduate and graduate experiences in shaping her career.

Oldham photo

Terra Oldham

Mechanical engineering graduate

Mechanical engineering student draws connections between science, technology, and society in her senior Pathway essay.