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Mozaffirimehr photo

Roujin Mozaffirimehr '08

Political Science major, Italian Studies major

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics allows alumna to spur conversation regarding ethics in the Middle East.

Nguyen photo

Lindsey Nguyen '13

Marketing major, English minor

The LEAD Scholars Program helps first-generation student excel at academics while inspiring her to build a stronger community.

Nichols photo

Laura Nichols

Associate Professor, Sociology

Sociologist lets students ride the city bus, the whole length of its trip, to study firsthand changes in social strata.

Nosé photo

Kirstin Nosé '06

Research Associate, Genencor

Research associate praises her undergraduate and graduate experiences in shaping her career.

Oldham photo

Terra Oldham

Mechanical engineering graduate

Mechanical engineering student draws connections between science, technology, and society in her senior Pathway essay.

Olson photo

Henry Olson '14

Operations and Management Information Systems major

Business student explores unexpected interest in technology and engineering through Design Thinking pathway, which eventually sent him down a different career path.

Ozorowski photo

Gabe Ozorowski '06

Ph.D. student at UC Irvine

Alumnus' experience researching the causes of cancer at SCU urges him to join research in the biotech field.

Pace photo

David Pace

Resident Director, Study Abroad Program in West Africa

Photography professor's work in Burkina Faso offers students a one-of-a-kind experience

Panelli photo

Alex Panelli '91

Mechanical Engineering major

Silicon Valley entrepreneur credits his mechanical engineering background as a key to his success.

Pappas photo

Andrea Pappas

Associate Professor, Art and Art History

Art history professor knows how to put museums together, from choosing the pieces to giving the tours.