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Johnson photo

Dale Johnson '08

History major, Economics major

History and economics double major finds ways to make connections across disciplines.

Judnich photo

John Judnich '13

Computer Engineering major

A computer science and engineering major changes the landscape of 3D graphics.

Judnich photo

John Judnich

Computer engineering graduate

Computer engineer relates art and design to mathematics and engineering in Pathway reflection essay.

Kahan photo

Tracey Kahan

Associate Professor, Psychology

Psychology professor studies the sleeping mind and engages students in the science of sleep.

Kalogrides photo

Demetra Kalogrides '03

Sociology major

Conducting sociological research as an undergraduate prepares this sociology major for graduate school.

Kapoor photo

Shweta Kapoor '09

Marketing major

Marketing major places faces to the statistics through her El Salvador immersion trip.

Kaur photo

Sandeep Kaur '11

Bioengineering major, Operations Management and Information Systems Minor

A bioengineering major hones her skills at NASA and hopes to help cure muscle dystrophy.

Keng photo

Diane Keng '14

Computer engineering major

Nineteen-year-old computer engineering major is already an established serial entrepreneur.

Kerwin Snyder photo

Jennifer Kerwin Snyder '04

Mechanical Engineering major

Alumna quickly puts her hands-on experience to work as lead engineer of a scientific applications firm.

Kitts photo

Christopher Kitts

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Head of SCU's Robotic Systems Laboratory creates robots that conduct experiments in space and home ground.