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Walsh photo

Chad Walsh '95, '00

Electrical Engineering major

Chad Walsh applies his electrical engineering and law degrees to a variety of entrepreneurial and social endeavors.

Watanabe photo

Hannah Watanabe '10

Marketing major

A rigorous marketing program and a love for business lead to dream job in Silicon Valley.

Weber photo

Chris Weber

Assistant Professor, Physics

Physics Professor Chris Weber encourages undergraduates to step outside of the classroom and put on their lab coats.

Whittall photo

Justen Whittall

Assistant Professor, Biology

Biology professor examines how the rarest plant species evolve over time in the coldest corners of Alaska.

Williams photo

Matt Williams '09

Psychobiology major

Psychobiology major studies the effects of sleep deprivation, a common ailment in many college students.

Wolfe photo

Dana Wolfe '01

English major

What alumnus, now marketing director at a healthcare company, values most is SCU's commitment to each and every student.

Wu photo

Krystal Wu '09

English major

English major's immersion experience in El Salvador exposes her to the reality of life of many others.

Yang photo

Cary Yang

Professor, Electrical Engineering

A professor, researching for NASA and U.S. Army, gives students access to cutting edge equipment in a nanostructures lab.

Yoneshige photo

Mindy Yoneshige '10

Civil engineering major

Innovative engineering students implement their own inexpensive water filter design for the people of Honduras.

Yuan-Farrell photo

Chris Yuan-Farrell '03

Biology and Environmental Studies major

Graduate student became an expert in conservation easement research through his undergraduate years on the Mission campus.