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These print and online publications demonstrate SCU's intellectual and spiritual depth, speaking to the issues of the day, intriguing events, and fascinating people; and offering analysis, thoughtful responses, and ways to stay engaged with the activities on campus.

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  • Santa Clara Magazine image

    Santa Clara Magazine

    Santa Clara Magazine is published quarterly by SCU's Office of Marketing and Communications. Visit the site »
  • Santa Clara Law Magazine image

    Santa Clara Law Magazine

    Santa Clara Law is published twice a year by the School of Law, and includes class notes, campus news, and features of legal interest. Visit the site »
  • <i>fyi</i> faculty and staff newsletter image

    fyi faculty and staff newsletter

    The online faculty and staff newsletter, published twice a month during the academic year, highlights campus news and achievements. Visit the site »
  • Engineering News image

    Engineering News

    The School of Engineering's official publication features undergraduate, graduate, and faculty accomplishments and projects. Visit the site »
  • <i>explore</i> Journal image

    explore Journal

    Published twice a year by the Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education, this journal offers reflections on Ignatian spirituality and SCU's Catholic identity. Visit the site »
  • At the Center image

    At the Center

    The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics shares the work they do with SCU students and faculty, spanning the range of human experience from global issues to personal ethical quandaries. Visit the site »
  • STS Nexus image

    STS Nexus

    STS NEXUS is a semi-annual publication of the Center for Science Technology and Society, with in-depth coverage of Center initiatives that illuminate key issues related to the dynamic interplay among science, technology, and society. Visit the site »
  • Sustainability at SCU image

    Sustainability at SCU

    Get updates on SCU's efforts to improve environmental sustainability in and around our campus and community. Visit the site »
  • The Santa Clara image

    The Santa Clara

    Read the online edition of the student-run campus newspaper, published weekly during the academic year. Visit the site »
  • University Blogs image

    University Blogs

    See what students, departments, clubs, and other SCU groups are saying about life in our community. Find a blog or add your own. Visit the site »