Look up: Madonna and Child, above the stairs in St. Joseph’s Hall on the SCU campus. Photo by Charles Barry
Matt Smith said on Apr 11, 2013
There are so many places I pray...the train, when I'm with friends, at the table with my wife before a meal, the Mission Gardens, walking around campus with SCU students, on a mountain road on my bike, in the redwoods on a hike. The list goes on. I'm struck recently with how many opportunities there are for wonder all around me.
Lulu Santana '97 said on Dec 17, 2013

One place on campus that always sparks a moment of prayer is by the Adobe Wall. Right after 9/11, I noticed one olive tree leaning onto the roof tiles and seemingly pulling its roots out of the ground. It reminded me of the fragile nature of our world. Shortly afterwards, the tree was cut down. Over time, the bare trunk began to sprout sprigs and now it looks like a full-sized bush! The sight of this bush draws me to pray for the areas of my life and our world that long for hope.

Diane Dreher said on Dec 19, 2013
In this frantic world, I pray a lot lately. I meditate in the morning, do a daily examen at night, and begin all of my classes with a few moments of centering meditation. Sometimes I pray for guidance, for greater peace and understanding, or pause for a moment of gratitude just looking at the sky.
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