Santa Clara snapshot: 1963

by Danae Stahlnecker ’15 |
Say Hey, Broncos: San Francisco Giants legend Willie Mays at the plate on May 13. The big leaguers played the Broncos at
Buck Shaw Stadium before 8,000 fans.
Final score: 6–4 Santa Clara. Photo from The Redwood

1 honorary doctor of humane letters presented to Alfred Hitchcock, who in his commencement address advises students to be grateful to their professors: “Do not underestimate what they may have given you, what lights they may have kindled. These innocent-looking men have records—all of them. Academic records. Among them are several accomplished pyromaniacs. They are forever setting hidden fires—sometimes with delayed fuses.”

8 new bowling alleys added to the Benson Center.

11 hours, 47 minutes for Tom Flores ’66 to complete a 50-mile hike, making him the fastest Bronco of half a dozen to accomplish the feat in under 20 hours.

$20 fine levied against students who are absent from Jan. 1–2 room checks and miss their Jan. 3 classes.

6,500 handbills dropped from two rented aircraft piloted by Bronco students over the St. Mary’s College campus, in the run-up to the annual basketball game.


Larry Freitas '76 said on Oct 4, 2013

I remember that game, though I thought it was played early in April as the last exhibition game of spring training for the Giants. I was there, along with thousands of elementary school kids from public and catholic schools in the surrounding area. School was a half day that day. I believe 11,000 fans were there to see the Broncos beat the NL Pennant winners (and possible WS winners if that ball McCovey hit had been higher and to Richardson's left).

Victoria (Vicki) Meredith (Strong) said on Oct 5, 2013
I was also there. Everyone at St. Clare's elementary school walked over to Buck Shaw stadium for that game. To see Willie Mays play, in person was a day I have always remembered. It was my very first time seeing a professional team play in-person.
Larry Freitas '76 said on Oct 18, 2013

What year did you graduate from St. Clare's? I graduated in 1968, along with Terry Malley, I might add. That day is really etched in my memory. Imagine letting kids out of school to see a baseball game today? Wouldn't happen. We didn't need permission slips if my memory serves me well.

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