Santa Clara University

Unity Council

Unity Council is a team of residents who work together to plan and publicize events for the community. It is a great way to get to know others in the community.

Events usually consist of social activities where residents can temporarily escape the demands of homework and socialize and get to know other residents. Some examples include Unity Thanksgiving Dinner, Murder Mystery, Super Bowl Party, Unity T-shirt Design Contest, and Unity Formal. Unity Council also works with residents who would like to plan their own event, often providing funding and space for the resident’s activity. Examples of resident programs include Salsa Night, Board Game Night or a trip to a play. The possibilities are endless.

Unity Council holds weekly meetings and council members are encouraged to come up with new and unique activities. Meeting times and locations may change from quarter to quarter. Please contact your the Assistant Resident Director Yusuf Shaikh at or a community facilitator for the meeting time and location.

To see view pictures from our events, please see our photos page.