Santa Clara University

About Unity

Unity is a two year (sometimes more) Residential Learning Community open to all undergraduates who seek a deeper understanding and appreciation of diversity as a catalyst for social and civic engagement. The theme of Unity is grounded in one of the University's fundamental values: "We cherish our diverse community and the roots that must sustain it: shared values amidst diversity, close personal relationships, effective communication, respect for others, and an engaged concern for the common good of the campus, the local community, and the global society."

Unity offers you numerous opportunities to learn about all aspects of diversity and/or have fun and socialize. Courses associated with the Unity R.L.C., co-curricular programming, and residential programming are designed to foster community and your exploration, understanding, and appreciation of diversity. In addition, numerous events and programs happen throughout the year designed to make your experience here in Unity fun. These can range from a movie night out on the lawn to a midnight trip to the local ice rink to play broom ball.

As a participant in Unity, you will have the opportunity to enroll in a wide range of courses, many of which meet Core Curriculum requirements. You will also be able to take part in co-curricular programming, which is related to your RLC designated courses. These may include such activities as a visit to the Angel Island immigration station, a lecture about and demonstration of Japanese Calligraphy, or a lecture and discussion lead by a visiting scholar. In addition, Unity can support programs or activities that you may wish to plan and present, which relate to your particular interests.

The Unity staff includes two Resident Ministers, a Resident Director, a Faculty Director, a Jesuit in Residence, a Assistant Resident Director, and six Community Facilitators. Finally, to provide an opportunity for additional interaction with your teachers, Unity has a faculty office where your Faculty Director as well as writing tutors, advisors and many of the professors who teach your classes hold weekly office hours.