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Below you will find frequently asked questions relating to Pre-Registration Classes, Unity Staff, and the Walsh and McLaughlin Service Desks.


Pre-Registration Classes

  • iconDo I have to take the pre registration classes after my fall quarter freshman year?

    No, the pre registration classes are optional.  However, you should seriously consider taking advantage of this opportunity to have a guaranteed seat in a class.  As freshman you will register last and getting a class may be rather difficult.  For those of you who are sophomores, juniors and seniors you should also take advantage of this opportunity because classes offered are rather popular and difficult to get into.
  • iconWhen can I pre register for classes?

    The Faculty Director will notify you by email when you can pre register. The email will list the classes being offered and what requirements they fulfill.  Look for this email around the 5th or 6th week of the quarter.  
  • iconWhere can I sign up for pre registration classes?

    At the Walsh service desk. There you will find a copy of the email that was sent out which lists the classes and what requirements they fulfill.  Please be sure to sign up on the pages provided.  Remember, it is not enough to sign your name next to the list of classes on the cover page. 
  • iconWho chooses the classes?

    The Faculty Director chooses in consultation with the Drahmann center, department chairs and other RLC directors. 
  • iconCan I recommend a class?

    Yes and your Faculty Director is always interested in what students want when it comes to classes.  However, your Faculty Director can not guarantee that the class can be offered.  Aside from coordinating with many others the class must also serve as many residents curriculum needs as possible.   


  • iconWhere and when can I meet my Faculty Director?

    Your faculty director holds weekly office hours and often attends events in the RLC.  The office hours change quarterly and are posted on the Faculty office door, Walsh Rm.115.
  • iconWhat does the Faculty Director do?

    Your faculty director works with the leadership team of the RLC to provide co-curricular programs (programs that are tied to courses) for the hall and create a living environment which will provide you opportunities to socialize and extend your education beyond the classroom.  The faculty director also makes them self available to you for questions about classes, your major, your RLC or any other appropriate things you would like to discuss.
  • iconWho are the other faculty holding office hours in the Faculty Office?

    They are faculty who are teaching the affiliated or pre-registration courses that quarter.  They are holding office hours in Unity not only for there students but are also available to anyone in the community who would like to speak with them.
  • iconWhat is a Resident Director? What do they do?

    A Resident Director (RD) is a full-time professional staff member who lives and works in the community. The RD supervises the CFs, oversees the many events that take place and is responsible for the safety and security of the building. The RD is also available to answer questions or help address concerns.
  • iconWhat is an Assistant Resident Director and what do they do?

    The Assistant Resident Director (ARD) is an undergraduate or graduate student who assists the RD with the overall organization of the community. They assist with supervision of the CFs, manages the different Service Desks where students can check out supplies and get information, and also take part in a campus-wide duty rotation to assist with any security or emergency situations.
  • iconWhat is a Community Facilitator and what do they do?

    A Community Facilitator (CF) is a student leader that lives on the floor along side residents. CFs have been trained in event planning, emergency response, conflict mediation, and campus resources. For this reason, they are generally the first contact for students living in the community. CFs plan social and educational events, conduct nightly rounds to ensure the safety and security of the community, and are a valuable resource for all within the community.
  • iconWhat is a Resident Minister and what do they do?

    Resident Ministers are Santa Clara faculty, staff, or graduate students who have chosen to make their home in the Residential Learning Communities, sharing community, spirituality, and hospitality. They are here to talk with you…about anything, facilitate small groups about discerning your vocation or exploring your spirituality, and provide opportunities for balance and stress relief, reflection and prayer. They can also help you connect with all the helpful organizations and resources at Santa Clara and beyond.
  • iconWhat is a Jesuit in Residence and what do they do?

    A Jesuit in Residence is a Jesuit who has chosen to live in the community and is interested in building relationships with residents. By living in and taking an active role in their RLC, they offer students a terrific opportunity to know vibrant members of Santa Clara's intellectual community in a way different from the usual classroom interactions. Jesuits in Residence make themselves available as a resource for just about anything that may come up.

Service Desk

  • iconWhat are the hours of operation for the Service Desks?

    The hours for the Walsh Service Desk are below:
    Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 7:00PM – midnight
    Friday, Saturday: 7:00PM – 1:00AM

  • iconWhat services do the Service Desks provide?

    The Service Desks provide a few items for check out, including vacuums, and bunking kits.  The desks provides free trash bags to students as well as the ability to use the smart print printer 24/7.  The key to the Walsh kitchen can also be checked out at the Walsh desk when it is open.  Entertainment items such as board games, movies, and DVD players can be checked out at the Kennedy desk which is located next door to Unity RLC.

  • iconHow do I report damage or maintenance requests in my room?

    Log the problem with the Desk Receptionist at the Walsh Service Desk. Be sure to give them your room number and a contact phone number or email. Expect the problem to be fixed in 7 to 10 working days. If after two weeks the problem is still not fixed, report it to the Service Desk again as a repeat request.
  • iconHow do I report emergency maintenance requests (DINs: Do It Now)?

    Examples: loss of power in the room, broken window, broken room door lock, etc.

    Contact the Desk Receptionist and let them know it is an emergency request and that it should be taken care of immediately. The Desk Receptionist will call it in to housing directly. If it is after hours, please contact the CF on Duty and they will contact staff to get it fixed right away.

    Note on damages: If residents are found responsible for damage to rooms or common areas of the building, they will be billed accordingly.

  • iconHow do I print at the Service Desks?

    The first step to successfully printing at the Service Desk is to first down load the appropriate printer server after visiting the IT website. Then simply go to the Service Desk with your ACCESS card and print. The Desk Receptionist will be able to answer questions and help with this process.