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Cyphi - Sustainability and the Arts

making the world a better place

The biggest, newest, hottest RLC on the Santa Clara campus, Cyphi will debut in the Fall of 2007 thanks to the merger of two longstanding communities. From Cypress, Cyphi will inherit a love for the outdoors and a concern for the environment. From Delphi, Cyphi will inherit a sense of creativity and a deep appreciation for the arts.

Residents themselves take ownership for how they want to build community, because in the 11-story Swig Hall, the sky is quite literally the limit. 




The Cyphi Residential Learning Community provides students with a traditional residence hall experience.   Cyphi offers

… opportunities for students to experience the outdoors and to enhance their awareness of local and global environmental issues, and

… opportunities for students to enhance their interests in the arts and communication and to integrate those interests with their broader education at Santa Clara, and

… a way to discover a vision of arts and sustainability in the context of making the world a better place.

Come join us! Select either Cypress or Delphi on your RLC/Housing Preference form.

Visit the Cyphi Web site for more information:
Cyphi Go 

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