Santa Clara University

The Modern Perspectives Team

Faculty Director

Matthew Bell
Ph.D., University of California, San Diego

I am the Faculty Director (FD) of Modern Perspectives and an Associate Professor of Psychology.  As the MP FD, I work with the staff to plan events that bring our theme of leadership and ethics to life.  My role is really to be a resource for everyone in MP and a link to the academic community.   Among other things, one of my responsibilities is to link courses to the community so that students living together in Dunne are taking courses together.

In my role as associate professor, I have taught a variety of courses and have an active research program.  My research focuses on basic learning processes.  Much of my work involves collaborations with undergraduate research assistants (if you're interested, let me know – I'm always happy to chat about research & show you around the lab). I'm pleased I am able to be a part of the vibrant MP community and hope you find it as exciting and rewarding a place as we do.

Resident Director

Ben Medeiros
Ed. M., Washington State University

Hi, I am the Resident Director (RD) in Modern Perspectives Residential Learning Community, housed in Dunne Hall.  As the RD in this community, a big part of my role is to collaborate with the other members of the Leadership Team to create a vision for our RLC, which is carried out by the student leaders in our RLC system, the Community Facilitators, the Community Council, and our Front Desk Staff. 

Previous to Santa Clara University, I worked for Washington State University (Go Cougs!) for three years as a Residential Education Director, where I also finished my master's degree in Higher Education Administration.  Born and raised in a small Oahu windward town in Hawaii, I found that the cold, snowy winters of Eastern Washington weren't the best fit for me, and so I am enjoying the Bay Area sunshine as well as the Santa Clara community - both on and off campus. 

I live in the RD apartment with my wife Laura and my dog Kona on the first floor of Dunne Hall across from the front desk.  If the door is open, please feel free to stop by and say hi.  My office is also on the first floor, but is awkwardly tucked away behind the front desk.  If you're looking for me during the business day when the front desk is closed, just knock on the desk door and if I'm back there and not meeting with a student, I'll come out.  And of course, you can always reach me by calling me at (408) 554-2771 or via email at 

Resident Ministers

Sally Koch

I am an optimistic person who loves to laugh and experience all that life has to offer her.  I like music and traveling to new places.  I was a volunteer for 3 years so I know and appreciate living a simple lifestyle on a budget and doing fun things for free.  :) 

I really like dogs, going to the beach, and trying new foods….and SUNSETS!  I am on life's journey like all of you and am open to what God's ideas are for me and hope to help you in anyway I can on your journey in life.

Nyeo "Francis" Youn

I am here to be your friend, neighbor, and mentor. You arealways welcome to knock on my door if you need someone to talk to. I believe art and music make the world go around. Three aspects I want to deepen: service, spirituality, and community. Ice cream is always welcome (no preference of flavor). Your neighborhood is my neighborhood.

One quote I want to leave you with:

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed." – Carl Jung

Assistant Resident Director

Elizabeth "Liz" Marsden

Senior, Class of 2013

Hello! My name is Liz and I am very excited to be joining the MP community for this year. I am a senior History major, I love Scifi, board games and baking, and I cannot wait to meet everyone in our community! I live on 3rd floor so feel free to stop by for food or conversation!  

Community Facilitators

Amanda Bolan

Sophomore, Class of 2015

My name is Amanda and I'll be one of your CF's this year! Some things you should know about me are that I'm a physics major (Yes, I know, quite geeky), I'm from Nor-Cal, right by the state capitol, Sacramento, I love to read, but most of all I love getting to know new people like you! I love to watch movies, just hang out( preferably in the SUN), or grab some food in Benson and just chat it up. Also, I'm a bit country (even though I've been born and raised here in Cali), I listen to country music and watch NASCAR pretty regularly and wouldn't trade it for the world. I can't wait to get to know you all this year!

Jenee Dampier

Sophomore, Class of 2015

I'm Jenee, & I'm your super cool and amazing CF this year. I'm a math major and a youth cheer coach, so you can see that I have a great "fun" balance. My motto is "work hard to play hard!" so I can have the best of both worlds! I'm always around to talk about anything, whether it's life advice or homework help. My door is always open, so feel free to come and hang out at any time! I'm a very caring and outgoing person, & I'm looking forward to making close relationships with each and every one of you!

Ariana Dennis

Junior, Class of 2014

I have a newfound obsession with Chuck Norris and the most interesting man alive (from the Dos Equis commercials). I also secretly want to be a ballerina. My goals for next year are to put on great programs, bond with my residents, and be the best CF that I can be for my residents. I want to be known as a CF who really got to know and interact with residents on a personal level. I want people to know that they can talk and hang out with me regardless of any situation that may occur. I also want people to say that I always had a positive attitude and really put effort into making the RLC experience one of enjoyment for them.

Scott Hardy

Junior, Class of 2014

Hello, my name is Scott and I'm a junior studying bioengineering and Spanish.I'm the kind of person that will help anybody with anything, and I encourage you to use that to your advantage.Get to know me, use me, but don't abuse me.I'm loyal and respectful to those who treat me the same.I want to be known as a CF who helps residents out with anything from personal problems to homework problems.

Caitlin Hendricks

Senior, Class of 2013

Hey Guys! I am so excited to get to know all of you this year and I hope we will become great friends. Adjusting to college or a new environment can be stressful, so I want you all to know that I am always here for you if you ever need anything.My goal for next year isto make everyone on my floor feel at home. I am most looking forward to closing out my Santa Clara career in Dunne because I love Dunne!

Morris Kim

Sophomore, Class of 2015

Hello, my name is Morris, hailing from Portland, Oregon, the great city of roses. I am a pre-med, anthropology major with a special interest in medical anthropology. My dream is to travel around the world and learn about different cultures and people along the way. I've been playing piano for 14 years and I'm a 4-handicap golfer. I love v-necks, watches, and Brad Pitt. I also enjoy working out so if you want to get "swole" or start shedding away at that "freshman 15," don't be afraid to join me at the on-campus gym. There's a little bit about me and I'm looking forward to a great year!

Cynthia Madrigal-Rosales

Sophomore, Class of 2015

I am a Latina with a lot of love for my own cultural background, I like to share my culture and I am always open to learn about others.My goals for next year are to be able to balance my life at school with my life at home, aim for the A's in class rather than just settling for the satisfactory, and be a great CF – someone who creates a fun but safe environment, who cares for her residents and encourages others to do better.

Lisa McMonagle

Sophomore, Class of 2015

Hey guys! I'm Lisa, your CF for this year. I'm a sophomore Poli Sci and Environmental Studies major. I'm from Roseville, California and have two brothers. I love being outside and hiking and doing other outdoorsy things. I like being with people and just hanging out, so if I'm in my room, feel free to come in and chill. I'm looking forward to making new friends and getting closer with my fellow CFs.

Edward "Eddie" Moran

Sophomore, Class of 2015

My name is Eddie Moran and I am from Seattle, WA. I am the second oldest of five children and I like to think of myself as pretty easy going. I played football and track in high school and am a huge fan of the Seattle Mariners. I love country music.I love to ski and I'm pretty good at it. I am looking forward to meeting all the new people andfurther developing my leadership skills. I believe it will be an amazing experience.

Matthew Peters

Sophomore, Class of 2015

My name is Matthew Peters and I am a sophomore. I come from a big family. I have four brothers and one sister that I love very much.My parents are my hero's and role models and I look up to them. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and watching sports, especially soccer.I always look forward to meeting new people and creating new relationships. I recognize that life is short and that nothing should be taken for granted.I love Santa Clara University and I am excited to serve Modern Perspectives next year.