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Loyola RLC

Loyola is home to a diverse group of students who share an active interest in exploring issues of faith and justice. Do you wonder where your best gifts meet the world’s greatest needs? Are you curious about the place of faith and spirituality in modern life? Would you like to live and learn with a group of friends interested in community service and social justice? If so, then the Loyola RLC may be for you.

Designed to educate the whole person in the Jesuit tradition, the Loyola community brings together faculty, staff, and students around an innovative program that integrates Core courses, community-based learning, and residential education. Whether you are tutoring children at a local shelter, analyzing the religious imagination in Renaissance art, planning a community liturgy with your friends, or sharing a late-night conversation after a movie, you will enjoy a wide range of opportunities to explore the place of faith and justice in our world.

Every Monday evening, faculty, staff, and students from Loyola gather to enjoy dinner and conversation. Students take an active lead in planning and promoting community events that range from retreats to salsa dancing, study groups to international dinners. Best of all, as a four-year RLC, Loyola offers you the option to stay in the community throughout your undergraduate education.

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