Santa Clara University

Residential Learning Communities

Top 10 Reasons

Here are the top 10 reasons as detailed by current RLC members:

  1. RLCs rock because of the intense competition between RLCs! Most dorms at other schools wouldn't compete against each other, but RLCs create competition which I love. -- Mark Rogers
  2. Living in an RLC at Santa Clara is great because when you miss home, you often feel better thanks to a new family that has been created in your floor. -- Jessica Kim
  3. Lounges, Kitchen, Volleyball Court, Benson Points, Ads for awesome socials! -- Megan Williams
  4. It’s great to live in an RLC because of all the activities and events you can do with your floor/ community. -- Kelly Quist
  5. You are surrounded by 60 of your closest friends. -- Todd Lane
  6. I met one of my best friends at SCU in Communitas my freshman year and during our years here at SCU we've become nearly inseparable. -- Kristen Lee
  7. CFs are awesome -- Andy Victor
  8. You don't have to cook for yourself. There's Benson. -- Michael Erkelens
  9. More plugged in to the events that are happening on campus.-- Melba Matthews
  10. A great opportunity to meet new friends and potential suitors. -- Brent Daniels

RLC Contact Information

Residential Learning Communities
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, CA 95053

Benson Memorial Center, Room 213

Phone: 408-554-4366
FAX: 408-554-4935

Director: Prof. Phil Kesten
Phone: 408-554-4311
Fax: 408-554-6965

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