Santa Clara University

Residential Learning Communities

Leadership Team

In support of the Jesuit ideal of developing the whole person, each RLC has a leadership team headed by a faculty director and a resident director who work with resident ministers, Jesuits in residence, student community facilitators, and student leaders.

Students say that this leadership team is one of the biggest and most positive differences between what happens in the halls here at Santa Clara, and what other schools do.

Of the nine faculty directors, seven live full time in the residence halls. Their role is to help set the course of the RLC, and to make connections between the courses you take – and the faculty who teach them – and your RLC. 

The resident directors, who are resident life and student life professionals, collaborate with the faculty directors to bring the vision of the RLC to life, and pay close attention to your health, welfare, and happiness. 

All eight resident directors live in the halls. Each RLC also has one or more resident ministers and Jesuits in residence.

The primary mission of each RLC leadership team is providing you with what we call “integrated education.” That means creating an environment in which there are natural connections between all the different parts of your college experience.

No, you’re not going to be studying all the time, and no, everything that happens in your RLC isn’t just about the RLC theme or about your RLC courses. But when all the pieces come together, you will have more fun!

and get a better education!

RLC Contact Information

Residential Learning Communities
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, CA 95053

Benson Memorial Center, Room 213

Phone: 408-554-4366
FAX: 408-554-4935

Director: Prof. Phil Kesten
Phone: 408-554-4311
Fax: 408-554-6965

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