Santa Clara University


da Vinci

The da Vinci Residential Learning Community celebrates Italian heritage and culture with a focus on science and engineering. Although the academic interests of our residents reflect those of the famous Leonardo, and many of our members major in science or engineering, others study the arts, humanities and business. Some commuter students also belong to da Vinci, participate in our events, and make Casa Italiana their home base while they’re on campus.

Many da Vinci students stay together throughout their four years at Santa Clara, allowing younger students to make new friends and learn from their more experienced peers. Moreover, older students pass on our community traditions to new members. These include weekly community events including Family Game Night and da Vinci Caffe. Other programs occur less frequently. For example, at the beginning of the academic year, the entire community comes together to celebrate da Vinci Day with various competitions including a bocce ball tournament, a pizza dough throwing contest, a pasta sauce cook off, and an egg drop, in addition to various other games and races. On the first night of every quarter, Prima Notte, half of the residents in da Vinci cook a spaghetti dinner for the other half. Also, we celebrate the end of the year with da Vinci's Last Supper, a huge Italian feast.