Santa Clara University

Residential Learning Communities

Eight RLCs

  • Alpha RLCAlpha

    Alpha is committed to understanding the benefits and challenges of Western culture, and to investigating the modern world through visual and practicing arts, literature, philosophy, history, and writing.Alpha students hold an annual week-long Saturnalia festival modeled after the festivals held in ancient Rome, and hold Café Socrates, in which students and faculty debate thorny philosophical issues, each week.

  • communitasCommunitas

    Communitas is Latin for "community" and signifies the sense of fellowship that students enjoy in this RLC. Communitas explores the role of the individual as a member of a group and the tension between an individual's rights and his or her responsibilities to the group's goals.Communitas provides many opportunities for community-based learning, civic engagement, and for exploring local ways to make a difference... "Local Action with Compassion."

  • cyphiCyphi

    CyPhi concentrates on building tight communities on each floor in the hall. Three special opportunities within CyPhi are SLURP, the Sustainable Living Undergraduate Research Project, SPARC, the Swig Performing Arts Residential Community, and SWAN, Students Wild About Nature.SLURP students engage in applied research designed to promote a culture of sustainability throughout the university, and receive academic credit for their work.Students in SPARC are musicians, artists, actors, photographers, dancers, and poets. Most SWAN students are members of "Into The Wild," a Santa Clara club that engages in hiking, backpacking, and white water rafting.

  • davincida Vinci

    Students in da Vinci are connected by a common thread of interest in the natural world, as well as all things Italian.Within da Vinci is the Ciao da Vinci! community, home to students who have a special interest in Italian culture and cuisine, and who explore that interest through activities such as bocce ball tournaments, movie nights, home-cooked "family" dinners, and trips to explore North Beach, San Francisco's famous Italian-American neighborhood. Da Vinci's broad themes draw arts, business, and humanities majors as well as science, mathematics, and engineering students. Da Vinci is a four-year community.

  • loyolaLoyola

    True to the Jesuit principle of educating the whole person—heart, mind, and spirit—Loyola offers an innovative program integrating courses, community-based learning and the role of religion and spirituality in modern life. Loyola students have a wide range of opportunities to explore their role in our world as well as the place of faith and justice.Loyola is a four-year community for students of all faith backgrounds.

  • modern-perspectivesModern Perspectives

    Modern Perspectives brings together students of diverse backgrounds who want to join a community marked by a range of exciting intellectual and recreational activities, particularly those that revolve around issues that shape the contemporary world in the 21st century. Their interest in social issues and world events focuses them on the possibilities for leadership locally and globally, now and in the future.

  • Unity RLCUnity

    Unity's theme is grounded in one of the University's fundamental values, to cherish our diverse community and the roots that sustain it. Students with different backgrounds and academic interests join to understand the role diversity plays as a catalyst for social change and engagement, as well as to appreciate its historical importance.

  • Xavier RLCXavier

    Xavier students recognize the global reality of today's world and see their community as a place where students interested in global issues come together to better understand that world. Xavier is an RLC for those who want to make a difference and who want to participate in the Jesuit tradition of the integration of faith and justice.

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