Santa Clara University

About Communitas RLC

Individualism, community, and citizenship.

A commitment to Local Action with Compassion.

Communitas" – (Latin): 1) joint possession or use, participation, partnership, sharing; 2) social relationship, fellowship, social ties, organized society; 3) kinship; 4) obligingness.” (Oxford Latin Dictionary).

Communitas is Latin for "community" and signifies the sense of fellowship and reflection that students enjoy in this RLC. Through courses and co-curricular programming alike, Communitas explores the role of the individual as a member of a group and the tension between an individual's rights and his or her responsibilities to the group's goals. Communitas provides many opportunities for community-based learning, civic engagement, and for exploring local ways to make a difference...thus our tag line..."Local Action with Compassion".


As a Communitas community member, you will be challenged to make connections that are not always obvious, to participate actively in the evolution of your community and to question assumptions.  As Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”


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