Santa Clara University

Residential Learning Communities

Why RLCs?

A new place to live, new people to engage with, a new environment overflowing with ideas and possibilities. 

The excitement and nervousness of starting college. Being a part of a Residential Learning Community at Santa Clara will help smooth your transition to university life.

Because you’ll take classes with members of your RLC, you’ll get to know other students more quickly, and almost immediately you’ll find yourself participating in study groups. 

Since all of Santa Clara’s learning communities are multi-year, you’ll live with returning students and get the benefit of “inside info” from juniors and seniors who already understand how the University works. And you’ll get the chance to continue this cycle the following year, when you share your pearls of wisdom with incoming students!

Living in an RLC will touch – and hopefully, enhance – all aspects of your life.

You will have enriching learning experiences, develop good communication skills, and, like many other students, stay up late pondering over and discussing the big and small questions of life.

You will participate in events, both academic and social. You will be exposed to different attitudes, values, and lifestyles. You will stretch your mind and make friends for life. 

We encourage you to take advantage of all the available opportunities available and to participate actively in creating new ones.

RLC Contact Information

Residential Learning Communities
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, CA 95053

Benson Memorial Center, Room 213

Phone: 408-554-4366
FAX: 408-554-4935

Director: Prof. Phil Kesten
Phone: 408-554-4311
Fax: 408-554-6965

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