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Who is Eligible to Use Campus Recreation Facilities

Use of the Pat Malley Fitness and Recreation Center, Bellomy Field, Sullivan Aquatic Center and Degheri Tennis Center is provided free of charge to current Santa Clara University students, faculty, staff and retirees with a valid ACCESS card.

Spouses of current students, faculty, staff and retirees may obtain a Malley Center Membership card free of charge by signing up with your spouse at the Malley Center Front Desk during business hours. 

Santa Clara University Alumni and their spouses may purchase a Malley Center Membership.  Alumni members must have a current membership for spouses to be eligible to purchase a membership.  Any individual who has completed one year of undergraduate study at the University qualifies as an alumnus/a, even is he/she did not receive a degree from SCU. Graduate students must receive a degree from SCU in order to attain alumni status for a membership. 

Visiting professors or scholars may be eligible for a Visiting Professor Membership.  The department of the visiting professor or scholar must sponsor the membership. See Visiting Professors below for more details. All Visiting Professor members will have a Malley Center Membership card and will have the same access noted below.

Malley Center Membership Card holders have access to use the recreation facilities with their memberships. Alumni and spouse members can also attend our Fitness Classes for an additional nominal fee. For more information see Fitness. All other university programs - club sports, intramural sports or student activities are not part of the membership. Access to these programs vary but typically are limited to current SCU students. The exception is Intramural Sports which is also open to current faculty and staff.

For more information about using the recreation facilities please see Malley Center Policies.

Alumni Membership Types & Fees

All memberships will pay the rate for the membership they choose and it will expire a month, quarter or year from the date of purchase. 

Monthly fee: $70

Quarterly fee (3 months): $150

Annual fee (1 year): $400 (see Payment Plan below if interested in breaking this annual payment up into four payments).

To purchase an alumni membership visit the Malley Center Front Desk during business hours. You will need to complete a Membership Agreement Form & Liability Waiver which is available at the Front Desk. This paperwork is not currently online and is required for all memberships & membership renewals. We accept cash, check, Visa or MasterCard for payment of your membership. The process to complete the paperwork, take your photo and print your membership card will take about ten minutes. Please plan accordingly.

Alumni memberships are refundable. A written request must be made to with the members name, mailing address, contact phone number & reason for cancellation.

Lost or stolen Malley Center Membership cards can be replaced for a nominal fee. Access to the recreation facilities without your membership card is permitted once per quarter with another form of valid photo ID. For more information see Malley Center Policies.

Winter Quarter Graduate Memberships

Winter quarter graduates are eligible for a discounted alumni membership for the 2 1/2 months until graduation Details about this membership type will be posted at the Malley Center in March. These students are not current students & their ACCESS cards will be turned off for spring quarter access. A winter graduate membership is non-refundable. 

Summer College Membership

We are creating a membership for college students (from other universities) who are children of Faculty, Staff, and Students. Membership details include: 
  • Cost of membership: $150 
  • Must be 18 years of age or older 
  • Must provide proof of enrollment in a college (tuition bill for the most recent period, admittance letter for the upcoming fall for incoming freshman, or transcript) 
  • Membership will last May 5 - Sept 15 
  • Must come in with their parent when signing up for membership & their parent must be a current member

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available for the annual alumni membership only. The annual fee will be broken into four payments. The initial payment for a new membership will include a prorate to the next billing date. See Alumni Membership Fees above for an explanation on the prorate. 

Alumni will need to complete the Membership Agreement form, Liability Waiver and Payment Plan Agreement. This paperwork is not currently online and is required for all memberships & membership renewals.

Choose wisely when selecting your membership type because only payments of the installment plan that have not been made can be refunded minus a $125 cancellation fee. Any members that wish to cancel their pay plan agreement must give written notice to

Visiting Professors 

All sponsoring departments will have to complete and submit the Malley Center Membership Card Request Form. The completed form can be e-mailed to or returned to the Malley Center Front Desk to the attention of the Director of Recreation. Departments will note the length of the visit, the name of the visitor and whether their department or the individual will be covering the $40 per month fee during their visit. A Malley Center Membership Card will be given for the duration of their visit. After the form is submitted, the sponsoring department's contact will receive an e-mail when the form has been processed and the visiting professor or scholar can come by to obtain their Malley Center Membership Card. If the individual is paying for their membership they will have to pay for the duration of their visit at their initial set up of their membership. Visiting professor's spouses may obtain a membership for the same $40 per month rate or be sponsored as a guest when they are on campus. If interested in a spouse membership for a visiting professor please e-mail to start the forms required and note the membership type for the Malley Center Front Desk student staff before the first visit.


All members are allowed to sponsor a guest/s at anytime for the nominal guest fee. All guest must be 18 years or older at the time of their visit. For our complete guest pass policies please see Guest Passes


Children (under 18 years of age) of all members may enter the facility free of charge. Guest Pass holders are not eligible to bring in their children/minors. For our complete children/minor policies please see Children/Minors


Parking permits are not included in the alumni memberships, visiting professors or the spouse memberships. All Malley Center Membership card holders will need to purchase a parking permit or day pass through Transportation Services (408-554-4441) or park off campus and walk into campus to use our facilities. 


At anytime a paying Malley Center Membership card holder may request a refund. Memberships will be prorated based on the amount paid per month and the number of months left in their membership term minus a $15 membership card fee. To request a refund complete the Refund Request Form and submit it to or to the Malley Center Front Desk for processing. Your membership card will be canceled the date we receive the refund request. All refund checks will be mailed to the address provided on the form within 4 - 6 weeks.

The general community is not eligible for memberships.

Under 17 Waiver
Incoming students that will arrive on campus under 18 years of age must have a waiver on file with their parent or legal guardians signature. Click here for the current waiver. Once the waiver has been completed it can be e-mailed to, faxed back to 408-551-7180 or mailed to 500 El Camino Real Attn: Malley Center Santa Clara, CA 95053.


All other students agree to the waiver via e-campus annually as of July 1 or as they become new students. If a student turns 18 between arriving to campus or after arriving on campus they will agree to the waiver again online via e-campus on or after their 18th birthday.


For more information please contact
Membership Forms

All membership forms are located in the Malley Center lobby - next to the Front Desk. Alumni or spouses wanting to sign up as members will have to complete paperwork at the Malley Center. We are sorry but forms are not available online.