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Facility Reservations

Campus Recreation facilities (Malley Center, Bellomy Field and Sullivan Aquatic Center) are only available for use by Campus Recreation Programs and current registered SCU Student Organizations. We do not rent out our facilities to non-SCU groups or non-student organizations.

Registered Student Organization's that would like to request space need to contact the Center for Student Leadership to request one of the facilities noted above. All other student groups (RLC's, CF's, ROTC, and Spirit Groups) need to complete the Facility Request Form to request space. All completed forms can be e-mailed to or dropped off at the Malley Center Front Desk during business hours.

All requests must be made at least 14-days prior to the desired event date in order to confirm availability and schedule the event. The Facility Request Policies (noted below) will be taken into consideration when approving potential events. Facility Request forms submitted within 7 days of the desired event will not be scheduled.

Facility Request Policies

Factors for Approval

Requests for exclusive recreational use of a recreation facility are based on the following factors:
• Facility availability based on established schedule and impact to primary users.  Primary users are Campus Recreation programs and the Department of Athletics and Recreation.
• Compatibility of activity with facility use, function, and regulations.
• Health and safety considerations for participants and potential damage to facility.
• Availability of appropriate supervision for safety response and facility protection.
• Event and activity for the Santa Clara University campus community (current students, faculty and staff).


• In some instances, it may be determined that a Campus Recreation Facility Supervisor must be present during an organization’s event or an additional lifeguard maybe needed based on the anticipated event size.
• The sponsoring organization is responsible for the cost of additional staff needed to support the event.
• The sponsoring organization is responsible for the cost of damage and/or excessive clean up for facilities or equipment.

First Aid and Safety Plan

All those who request the use a recreation facility must agree to the following First Aid and Safety Plan.  Depending on where the event is scheduled, if an emergency occurs or first aid needs to be provided an event leader needs to follow these instructions:

Malley Center Multipurpose Room or Gymnasium (no events can be held in the Weight Room)

• Notify the Malley Center Front Desk Staff
• Use red emergency phone in hallway near Multipurpose Room to call Campus Safety. They will be able to hear you but you will not be able to hear them reply back

Sullivan Aquatic Center

• Notify the Lifeguard on the stand or in the office

Bellomy Field

• Notify the Malley Center Front Desk Staff
• Use one of the three emergency phones - one is located next to the main gate for the field, one is on the south side of the field along the El Camino Real or there is one to the east of the softball main entrance

Authority and Responsibility

The Campus Recreation staff has the final authority in all decisions related to participant, spectator, and staff safety, potential facility damage, or non-compliance with facility guidelines and policies or staff requests.  This includes the authority to modify or discontinue any activity.  Event organizers are expected to support and assist the staff in all decisions.


• All Campus Recreation policies and procedures must be followed by the participants, spectators, and event. Campus Recreation has individual policies for each space as well as all facilities have to follow the General Facility Policies please view all policies.
• Requests should be for events that are athletic, fitness, or recreation based.
• Use of Campus Recreation facilities for events is reserved for students, faculty and staff. No guests or Malley Center Membership card holders may participate in the event.
• Events should encourage participation and not be primarily spectator events.
• Events must allow for informal recreation to occur simultaneously with the event.  This includes allowing a minimum of one full court in the gymnasium for informal basketball.
• For sport competitions Campus Recreation staff needs to review game rules. Please attach rules to facility request form when submitting.
• Facilities may not be used for commercial purposes. 

After Hours Availability

• Events should be scheduled during regular facility operating hours.
• There is a limited opportunity for events to occur outside of regular hours.  Availability is based on overwhelming need and the demonstrated inability for the event to occur during regular hours.
• After hours use is also possible for events reaching a large portion of the campus population that are sponsored for the express purpose of providing positive alternatives to unhealthy leisure pursuits.
• After hours use requires additional supervision and increased supervision cost. The host sponsoring organization is responsible for this cost.


Facility Policies

Find the facility below you would like to requests for your event and review the policies. All events will be responsible for enforcing policies for their participants and spectators.