Santa Clara University


Facility Reservations

Campus Recreation facilities (Malley Center, Bellomy Field and Sullivan Aquatic Center) are only available for use by Campus Recreation Programs and current registered SCU Student Organizations. We do not rent out our facilities to non-SCU groups or non-student organizations.

Register Students Organization's that would like to request space need to contact the Center for Student Leadership to request one of the facilities noted above.  All other student groups (RLC's, CF's, ROTC, and Spirit Groups) need to complete the Facility Request Form which can be found to the right in the Factors for Approval section. Please refer to the sidebar on the right to view the Factors of Approval, Policies, and Facilities available.  

Facility Policies

Find the facility below you would like to request for your event and review the policies. All events will be responsible for enforcing policies for their participants and spectators.