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Sign Ups

Sign-ups are held in the Pat Malley Fitness and Recreation Center Front Desk. They start during business hours on the first Wednesday of the each fall, winter, and spring quarter. Sign-ups will finish at midnight the following Tuesday. If one of those days falls on a holiday and the Malley Center is closed there will be no additional day added for Intramural Sports sign-ups. All leagues begin play the second weekend of each quarter.

How To Register Your Team

In order for your team to entered into a league, you must 1) pay your Intramural Deposit at the Malley Center Front Desk and 2) select your division/league by turning your entry form in along with your deposit at the Malley Center Front Desk. The process must be done in that order and leaving out one of the two steps will result in your team not being entered.

All entries are taken on a first come, first serve basis. To sign up you must have a completed the  Team Entry & Roster Form and your $40.00 Intramural Sports deposit and completed Intramural Sports Deposit Form.

When you register at the Malley Center Front Desk you must select a division, and day you/your team wants to play. If a league is full you will need to select another open league to play in.

Captain's Meeting

In addition, after signing up all captains MUST attend the MANDATORY Captain's meetings for each sport signed up to play. If a Captain can not show up to the meeting, someone on the team must attend. Any team that does not send a representative for their team may loss their spot for that league if an alternate team is available to fill the space.

To determine when the scheduled captains' meeting is for your sport/sports see the Sports Offered page.