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Multipurpose Room


  • 2,100 square foot mirrored room with high performance maple floor
  • The room is the host for a variety of group fitness, mind, body, spirit classes, as well as use by a variety of student groups for dance rehearsals, martial arts, and boxing
  • Stretching mats are available in the space but all other fitness class equipment is locked up except when a Campus Recreation Fitness Instructor is there

Multipurpose Room Policies

Priority for use of the Multipurpose Room goes to scheduled events and activities. To see if you are able to schedule the space see Facility Reservations.

If an event or activity is taking place, please do not disturb participants. Inquire at the Malley Center Front Desk for end times or review the weekly schedule posted outside the Multipurpose Room. To ensure there is no group before you arrive check the Campus Recreation Calendar.

In addition to the General Facility Policies;

To protect the facility and equipment:

  • No ball sports are permitted in the Multipurpose Room.
  • Program specific equipment should be stored at the conclusion of each activity.
  • Equipment in the Multipurpose Room Storage is for use by Campus Recreation Fitness classes only. This includes the stereo. Groups using the space for dance rehearsals, etc. will need to bring their own personal stereos.
  • Stretching mats cannot leave the Multipurpose Room.
  • Stretching mats are for individual use only – do not group together for sparring, gymnastics, or any other activities.

As a courtesy to others:

  • Patrons are expected to clean stretching mats after each use.
  • Please turn off cell phones and pagers when attending any of our fitness classes.