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Campus Recreation's Ways to Limit Waste

During summer 2012 and 2013, Campus Recreation participated in a Waste Characterization in order to gain valuable information about how to limit the amount of waste Malley produces, and what some of the most popular forms of waste were. In order to reach the goal of going Zero Waste by 2020, characterizing our waste was invaluable. Check out the website here for more information and pictures from the 2012 event or view our slideshow below.

Recycling Brigade

Energy Bar Wrapper Accepted Waste SmallWe have joined the Terracycle Energy Bar Wrapper Brigade! Instead of  throwing away your energy bar wrapper, put it to good use. Drop them off  in the blue bin before your workout at the Malley Center. Check out what Terracycle does with your wrappers! You can view the new sustainable Google map of campus and find the locations of TerraCycle bins at SCU. We also added 5 more blue bins to help you recycle other old things.  Recycle your old CD/DVDs, toner cartridges, thin plastic, batteries, and  paired shoes here! In addition, above the recycle, waste, and compost cubes, we have added new signs to help you figure out what goes where.Click here to view the map. The Center for Sustainability has highlighted some of the many great reasons these bins are available on campus. Click here to view the article. So far we have sent in over 6,000 wrappers and 50 pairs of shoes!

Updated 7/1//14


In fall 2011, we began composting paper towels in the locker  rooms/bathrooms and weight room of the Malley Center. This program has  been going great and patrons have not placed non-compostable items in  the cans.


Grouping Bins

There are compost, recycling, and trash bins located in main hallway of  the Malley Center and in each locker room/restroom and the staff work  room. We hope that by having all three together, patrons can make the right  decision when selecting the appropriate bin. Most of the items SCU  purchases can be composted or recycled, limiting waste all together.

Carpet Tiles

In December 2009, Campus Recreation (with the help from the Facilities  Department) installed carpet tiles when replacing the carpet in the  hallway and weight room of the Malley Center. The decision was made to  choose carpet tiles over rolls so that in the future we would ONLY have  to replace the bad tiles versus all the carpet.

Lint Collection
compost dryer lintone day lint equals softball (1) resized

Each day we gather approximately a softball size of lint from laundering all the maintenance towels and bath towels from the Towel Service. All  of this waste can go into the compost bin with banana peels, compostable  coffee cups, etc. What can you compost that you are not? Most items  purchased can be recycled or composted- limiting waste.

Donating Sports Equipment

Did you ever wonder where the basketballs go when they have no grip?  Campus Recreation donates old sporting equipment from the Malley Center  Front Desk's Equipment Check Out and Intramural Sports to local  non-profits that work with children such as EMQ Family First, Boys and  Girls Clubs, and other non-profits that can benefit from used equipment.


In the fall of 2011, we purchased real tablecloths for annual events to reuse  rather than buying plastic disposable tablecloths for each event. This  will save money and limit waste into the landfills annually.

Lost and Found

quarter of lost and found   

We annually have over 150 pounds of lost and found that we send to the Goodwill at the end of the year. By recycling clothes we will limit waste that enters landfills annually.

Good on one side paper (GOOSE)

Here at Campus Recreation we use GOOSE.  We use good on one side paper as scratch paper and to print on! 40 percent of all waster going to landfills is paper.  Cutting down on paper waste will help extend the lives of our landfills.

Relan Bags
To This
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Campus Recreation has teamed up with Relan. "Relan" mean reinventing fashion, which is exactly what this mother-daughter run company does.  This small company repurposes and up-cycles old billboards and banners into unique, one of a kind, branded products.  Campus Recreation collected old banners and signs from various departments on campus, and in return was able to create tote bags, Ipad cases, and luggage tags.