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Broncos Being Climate Neutral: 

Hoofprint 2014-2015 COMPLETE! 


We have completed the 2014 - 2015 Hoofprint Challenge! We offset a total of 175.35 tons of Carbon, that's 40.35 tons over our original goal of 135 tons.  With the help of 163 students and 84 faculty & staff members pledging to make a change in a behavior towards building a humane just and sustainable world we were able to accomplish our goal.  Our participants included 80 Broncos who live on campus, 64 Club Sport athletes, one NCAA athlete, and 40 Into The Wild Club Members. 

With a total of 247 participants, each person offset an average of 0.70 tons.  

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2014 - 2015 Hoofprint Challenge! 

 Club Sport Team Number of Members Participating 
 Boxing 5  
 Men's Ultimate
 Men's Volleyball 13 (YAY!!) 
 Swimming  15 (WOOHOO!!) 
 Women's Field Hockey 1
 Women's Lacrosse
 Women's Rugby 5
 Women's Ultimate
 Women's Volleyball 2
 Shotokan Karate

Interested in your own Carbon Hoofprint? 


Take the SCU student developed Hoofprint Calculator to see how your carbon emissions compare the average citizen in countries all over the world! 
Take the Hoofprint Calculator Here!
The Bronco Hoofprint Calculator was first developed by a team of Environmental Ethics Fellows at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics: Christina Lesnick, SCU '13, Samantha Juda, SCU '13, and Tim Verengel, SCU '13. 
Thank You Broncos

Thank you again to our 2013-2014 participants: 389 faculty and staff, 805 students and 2 others (Malley Center alumni members, guest or someone just seeing the pledges and wanting to help turn the skies blue over SCU. We were able to "off-set" 263 tons of carbon from 2011-2012 club sport game travel.

Raffle Prizes

The pledge is based on the honor system. By giving your name at the end of each survey, you will be entered into a monthky raffle to win sustainable prizes. Here is just a sample of what we will be giving out this year.

 prizes for hoofprint challenge

We are also getting ready to ship 15 banners to a company to turn them into bags for a fee; but these will be added to the prizes once we have them ordered, created and returned to campus.

Instagram Challenge

You can also add the hashtag "#HoofprintChallenge" to any of your Instagram photos, allowing Campus Recreation & the Center for Sustainabilty to follow participants' progress. Photos that get the most likes will also be automatically entered to win a raffle prize.