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Campus Recreation's Ways to Conserve Water

waterDuring the summer of 2011, Bellomy Field switched from natural grass to  synthetic turf.  The new turf promotes sustainability, as it conserves  water, is cost efficient, and more usable, as it will allow students to use  the facility without the threat of cancellations and closures due to  weather restrictions.

Filling your reusable water bottle just got a little easier! Water  fountains and goose-neck fillers (which allow you to fill a water bottle  while holding it upright) are located in various locations around the  Malley Center. This addition helps to promote the use of reuseable water  bottles and ideally limits the number of plastic bottles entering a  landfill.

Dual flush toilets are located in the Women's Locker Room. Dual flush  allows the patron to choose how much water they need to use. Prior to  this we had automatic flush toilets that would often flush twice for one  patrons' use. The new system is definitely making an impact!