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Swim Lesson Levels

Learning to Swim

Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills

To help student feel comfortable in the water and enjoy water safety.

  • Enter and exit the water safely
  • Blow bubbles through the mouth and nose and bobs
  • Supported float and kick front/back
  • Explore beginning strokes front/back
  • Recover to standing position from floating and to floating from standing position
Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills

To provide students with basic water safety skills.

  • Enter water independently
  • Retrieve underwater objects
  • Unsupported floating front/back
  • Front/back glide
  • Supported front/back crawl strokes
  • Turn over front/back
  • Tread water
  • Explore swimming on side
  • Safety Skills
Level 3: Stroke Development

To provide students with the building blocks for all basic strokes.

  • Jump into deep water from side, sitting or kneeling dive
  • Bob to safety
  • Front crawl w/rotary breathing
  • Flutter
  • Scissor
  • Dolphin and breaststroke kicks on front crawl and elementary backstroke
  • Tread water in deep water
  • Safety skills
Level 4: Stroke Improvement

To build students' confidence and performance of swimming strokes.

  • Swim underwater 3 body lengths
  • Feet first dive
  • Open turns for front/back strokes
  • Front/back crawl
  • Butterfly
  • Breaststroke
  • Elementary backstroke
  • Sidestroke on front
  • Flutter and dolphin kicks on back
  • Safety skills
Level 5: Stroke Refinement

To help students master all of the swimming strokes.

  • Flip turns
  • Tread water using two different kicks
  • Front/back crawl
  • Butterfly
  • Breaststroke
  • Elementary backstroke
  • Sidestroke
Level 6: Swimming & Skill Proficiency

To prepare students for competitive swimming.

  • Stroke mastery
  • Swim for distance and fitness in aerobically designed workouts
  • Personal water safety