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Catholic Health Care and Conscience

Monday, Apr. 28, 2014

Tuesday, May 13, Regan Lecture:
"Conscience and the Complex World of Catholic Health Care," by Ron Hamel, Senior Ethicist, Catholic Health Association. 7 p.m., St. Clare Room, Learning Commons

Reception to follow.

Over the last few years, Catholic health care institutions in the United States have confronted a host of complex issues involving conscience. Some issues of conscience involve agonizing clinical questions over reproductive health. Other issues pertain to the doctor-patient relationship. Still other issues arise in the context of large institutional settings. Should Catholic hospitals have to comply with the contraceptive policy of the federal government? Should Catholic hospital networks that take over a secular hospital be able to require that treatment in the taken-over hospital be offered only in a manner consistent with Catholic moral principles -- even if the taken-over hospital is the only health care facility in a remote area? As senior ethicist of the huge network of Catholic health care institutions in the United States, Ron Hamel has been working on the full range of these issues for years. His talk will shed light on these complex matters.

Dr. Hamel earned his doctorate in theological ethics from Fordham University, New York. His area of specialization is health care ethics. He has lectured widely to health care professionals, has served on numerous hospital ethics committees, was a member of the Health Care Ethics Commission of the Archdiocese of Chicago, serves as resource ethicist to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists and is a fellow in the Institute of Medicine of Chicago. He has authored many articles in health care ethics and has edited several books. Among them are "Introduction to Christian Ethics: A Reader" (Paulist, 1989), "A Matter of Principles?" (Trinity, 1994), "Must We Suffer Our Way to Death?" (SMU, 1995), "Three Levels of Managed Care" (Sheed & Ward, 1997), "Making Health Care Decisions: A Catholic Guide" (Ligouri, 2006), and "Artificial Nutrition and Hydration and the Permanently Unconscious Patient: The Catholic Debate"(Georgetown, 2007).

In October 2001, Dr. Hamel received the Kevin O'Rourke award from the Gateway Catholic Ethics Network in St. Louis for his contributions to Catholic health care ethics.

We are fortunate to present this program in part through the generosity of the Project on Conscience in Roman Catholic Thought, funded by Phyllis and Mike Shea.

Funding for this lecture is also provided by the New York Life Insurance Company in honor of William Regan III and a gift from Ann and William Regan. Ron Hamel is this year's Regan Lecturer.

Sponsored by The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Location: Learning Commons and Library, St. Clare Room

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