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Protesting Commencement

Monday, Jun. 4, 2012

Protests against a talk by Kathleen Sebelius at Georgetown University, against an honorary degree for Carlos Slim at George Washington University, and against remarks by Tony Blair at Colby College are only the highlights of this year's controversies about commencement speakers. John Degioia, president of Georgetown, addressed the issues behind these protests in an address June 1.

The Ethics Center's Big Q project takes up these issues in its biweekly case study on ethical issues facing undergraduates in their everyday lives.  The case introduces Ryan, a member of his campus' sustainability club, who is unhappy with the university's decision to invite a known polluter as a commencement speaker.  The best student response to the case wins a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

Photo by ragesoss available under a Creative Commons license.

Tags: campus ethics, free speech