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Digital Journalism Ethics

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012

The migration of news organizations to the online world, including the world of social media, has raised a host of new ethical issues for journalists.  Leaders in the online news field reflect on those issues in a series of videos from the Center's recent Executive Roundtable on Digital Journalism Ethics.  The meeting also produced a set of "Unavoidable Dilemmas for Digital Journalists."

Conclusions From the Meeting
Unavoidable Ethical Dilemmas for Digital Journalists
Short Videos on Digital Journalism Ethics
Ethical Challenges for Digital Journalism
Richard Gingras, head of news products, Google
Accuracy and Newsgathering Online
Scott Rosenberg, executive editor, Grist
Accountability and Transparency in Digital Media
Bryan Monroe, editor,
Inclusiveness in Digital Media
Joaquin Alvarado, senior VP for digital innovation, American Public Media
Using Metrics to Make Editorial Decisions
Christine Montgomery, chief digital officer, Center for Public Integrity
Findings From the Online News Association Survey
Jane McDonnell, executive director, Online News Association


Illustration by Mike Licht, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license on Flickr

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