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A New Design for Haiti

Friday, Jul. 1, 2011

After the earthquake in Haiti, housing became a critical need for people who had lost homes in the disaster. With help from a Hackworth Research Grant from the Ethics Center, one of Santa Clara University's senior design teams worked with SCU Professor Reynaud Serrette to construct an easily replicable, safe, and modular house as a possible solution to the systematic housing problems.

The SCU School of Engineering requires all senior design teams to provide an ethical explanation and justification for their projects.  Kelli Oura, Danielle Locklar, and Lauren Reinnoldt, all Civil Engineering seniors at Santa Clara University, analyzed the ethical importance of their project, the engineering virtues it referenced, and the difficulties of implementation in their article.

Hackworth Grants are awarded twice yearly to Santa Clara University students and faculty doing work in applied ethics.  The grants are supported by a gift from Michael and Joan Hackworth. 

Tags: environmental ethics, sustainability