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The Frugal Innovation Lab Meets with 3D PrintCraft

A lot of great news today for the Frugal Innovation Lab! First, one of our partner orgs blogged about us, and now, a long awaiting meeting with 3D PrintCraft is finally happening!

We are HUGE fans of 3D printing at the Frugal Innovation Lab. How could you not be!? It brings the power of manufacturing to your home! Pretty incredible.

3D PrintCraft started in the not-to-distant past with (full disclosure) a grant from Santa Clara University’s Center for Science, Technology and Society. 3D PrintCraft’s mission is to provide social entrepreneurs with authenticated solutions that are ready for real deployment in the world today.

Visit their site here to learn more: 3D PrintCraft

In keeping with the 3D printing theme, we recently saw that UPS is going to be offering 3D printing services in San Diego! While 3D printing is a very exciting and new technology, it isn’t quite cost-effective…yet. But, it is getting close and closer, so every little step that it takes towards becoming more accessible is progress in our book.

Take a look here: UPS to offer 3D printing in San Diego

Great work, 3D PrintCraft! Keep it up!


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