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Emergency Power for Emerging Markets

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Sorry for the radio silence last week my fellow Frugalites. Unfortunately, my real-world responsibilities kicked up a few notches last week making it very difficult to sit down and compose posts for Wednesday and Friday’s. Please accept my most humble apologies.
I’ll be posting last week’s entries along with today’s entry tonight and tomorrow afternoon. For now, enjoy the old school music courtesy of Sting, and learn more about our project to provide emergency power for hospitals in under-developed countries
Daily Audiophile Advisory: Sting, “Englishman in New York”
This project arose out of the need for hospitals to have a reliable, cheap, and easily maintained secondary source of power. In emerging markets where energy can be unreliable and under produced it is essential that hospitals have a second form of energy that can sustain the various instruments and machines keeping people alive.
This problem led our engineers, Erik McAdams, Hugo Mailloux-Beauchemin, and Jonathan Chimento, to investigate the potential for installing roof-integrated wind turbine systems in Nicaragua to provide hospitals with a secondary source or power by harnessing hurricane winds.
Specifically, they took a project from a previous group who designed wind turbines with wind-facing, airfoil shaped geometry that allowed the turbines to withstand up to Category 2 hurricane winds. The Frugal Lab thought this new design could be applied to the real world and turned into a valuable asset for an emerging market located in the coast.
Specifics on their design, methodology and proposed implementation can be found here: Emergency Power for Hospitals in Under-Developed Countries.
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