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Grand Reunion Spotlight: Broncos Meeting Broncos

Wednesday, Sep. 11, 2013

If there’s one thing we know here in the Alumni Office, it’s that the Santa Clara legacy is strong; you need look no further than the numerous families whose Bronco affiliations stretch back for generations. And what we find especially noteworthy is the fact that many of these family legacies were started when two lucky Broncos caught each other’s eye during Orientation, or in English class, or in the lunch line at Benson. Yes, we’re talking about Broncos meeting Broncos.

According to a November 2012 article published in The Santa Clara, about 14% of Santa Clara alumni are married to another Bronco, which is 5% above the national average of couples who met in college. How fortunate that these couples were able to find both the education as well as the love of a lifetime on this beautiful campus!

Now, if you aren’t among that lucky 14%, do not despair; the train hasn’t completely left the station. It is still possible for you to meet your Bronco love, and we have just the opportunity for you during Grand Reunion Weekend: Our Broncos Meeting Broncos singles mixer. On Friday, October 11 from 8 to 10 pm, all single Broncos are invited to campus for a fun night of food, drinks, and…KARAOKE! Bring your friends and break the ice by belting out your favorite tune. Karaoke not your thing? We’ll also have trivia, so you can impress a potential date with your knowledge of 1990’s television show theme songs. Karaoke was a popular request from last year’s attendees (Who had a blast!), so we are excited to see how much fun everyone has this year.

Rumor has it that last year’s mixer resulted in the genesis of at least one new Bronco couple, so the precedent has been set; come on out during Grand Reunion Weekend to mix, mingle, and hopefully, find your match! We hope to see you on campus next month.

Go Broncos!

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