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Goodbye for Now

Tuesday, Jun. 25, 2013

Looking at our name, it should come as no surprise that the SCU Alumni Association’s primary constituency is comprised of, well, SCU alumni; we exist in order to build and maintain strong relationships between the University and its proud graduates. However, we also recognize that engaged students become engaged alumni; and so, through such programs as Life After SCU and our annual Bronco Idol competition, we outreach to students in order to create an enduring bond that we hope will last after they cross the stage in June and disperse throughout the world to pursue their passions and goals.

As this year’s graduation approached, you could almost feel a nervous tension in the air, partly because of those pesky finals standing between seniors and that stage, but mostly because of the competing emotions many were experiencing: Joy and sadness, anticipation and trepidation, satisfaction and regret. But as seniors streamed into Donohoe Alumni House to pick up their tickets for Graduation Picnic, the scales seemed to overwhelmingly tip in the more positive direction; these soon-to-be-graduates proudly accepted our enthusiastic congratulations and expressed excitement and hope for their futures beyond this beautiful campus.

While we wish all of the 2013 graduates well and hope to see them back on campus soon, there are a few who are especially near and dear to our hearts: Our (now former) Alumni Office student workers Brett Davey ’13, Cailin Doherty ’13, Jackie Fuhrman ’13, Kevin Galindo ’13, Anne Nino ’13, Jenna Saso ’13, Victor Republicano III ’13, and Edward Ternan ’13. Our student workers, as a corps, are quite indispensable to us and help us do what we do, and this recently graduated group truly helped us do it well, with style and class. Over the years, we’ve watched them develop into impressive and accomplished young men and women, and while we are sad to see them leave, we can take solace in the fact that they are, no doubt, on their way to bigger and better things. At this time, we would like to give a special shout out to Victor, who was given the honor of not only introducing commencement speaker Leon Panetta ’60, J.D. ’63, but also hooding him after the former CIA Director and U.S. Defense Secretary received an honorary degree from the University. Visit the Mercury News website to view video excerpts of Panetta’s speech and see a photo of him being hooded.

The campus is noticeably quieter now, but the echoes of graduation still linger. As the summer picks up steam and rolls into fall, we look forward to creating new memories with the class of 2013 when they all return in October for their 0-Year Reunion and celebrate with the other 12 reunion classes. So, to our recent graduates, we say: Congratulations, good luck, and goodbye…for now.

Go Broncos!

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