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A Note of Gratitude

Friday, May. 10, 2013

No matter where they are in the world, our Broncos continue to make us proud by modeling conscience, competence, and compassion wherever they go. Positively impacting their communities through their deeds, our alumni leave indelible marks on the hearts and minds of those they serve, working diligently and, often, unrecognized.

The Alumni Anniversary Awards Celebration is the Alumni Association’s way of publicly honoring our alumni who answer the call of service to others. This year’s event, the eighth annual celebration, was particularly special, since it was combined with the University’s President’s Dinner, which honors generous supporters of SCU. The coming together of these two events was especially poignant, as the overall theme was gratitude: Gratitude to the members of the President’s Club for their donations which help provide the wonderful SCU experience that is cherished by so many; gratitude to all alumni for the numerous ways in which they help today’s students, as evidenced by the enormous Sprinksgiving board covered with hundreds of appreciative messages that was present for all attendees to marvel at; gratitude to the Alumni Anniversary Award recipients for their selfless gifts of love, time, and effort to their communities as well as SCU; and the gratitude expressed by countless people in the audience that night for their connection to such an amazing institution as SCU that inspires so many to give so much.

Please take a moment to view the introductory videos that were prepared for each of the award honorees: Ignatian Award recipients Maria Arias Evans ’81 and The Honorable Robert J. Higgins ’80, J.D. ’92; Bannan Award recipients Steve ’88 and Deanna Erbst; and Locatelli Award recipients Louis ’60 and Jane Castruccio. You may want to have some tissue ready, as these engaging accounts of community service moved many in the audience to tears. To our award recipients, allow us to say one more time, “Well done. And Go Broncos!”

Another group of hard working folks we would like to take a moment to thank is comprised of our fabulous reunion committee members. These alumni take on the task of promoting the Grand Reunion Weekend among their peers and encouraging their classes to support the endeavor not only with their presence, but also a contribution to the class gift, which helps today’s students. The reunion committees, which are made up of alumni living near and far, communicate via conference calls and email (and sometimes even meet in person), dedicating themselves to the task of making their milestone celebrations special for their classes.

We all have people, activities, and commitments vying for our individual attention, and it just seems like the days keep getting shorter and shorter and passing by more and more quickly; that is why those of us here in the Alumni Office, as well as our counterparts over in Development, are so appreciative of the time and effort given by those alumni who answer the call to join their class reunion committees. We truly could not do this without you; please know that you have our most sincere gratitude (There goes that word again!) for your service to your classmates and the University. It is truly a pleasure to work with you all and we can’t wait to thank you in person this fall!

Go Broncos!

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