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Thank You for a Wonderful Weekend

Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012

The mission of the Santa Clara Alumni Association is twofold: To serve and engage the Santa Clara Family by fostering lifelong relationships between alumni and each other, the Alumni Association, and the University; and to preserve Santa Clara’s history and traditions. The first part of the mission is pretty easy to see, especially during Grand Reunion: All of the events on the schedule were designed to help Broncos remember their experience here on campus, reconnect with each other and the school on a meaningful level, and renew their commitment to the Santa Clara community. As for the second part, a very important mechanism by which history is communicated and traditions are upheld is through storytelling.  Therefore, allow us to share a few from Grand Reunion Weekend:

The story of an alumna who almost didn’t come to campus, but made the decision to attend her class party and ended up mending fences with her estranged roommate.

The story of two married alumni who were delighted to receive “I Met My Spouse at SCU” buttons at the Sunday Brunch, and proudly wore their buttons as they left the Adobe Lodge hand in hand with full stomachs and hearts.

The story of an alumnus whose hesitation about attending his reunion was replaced with gratitude after he found new friends among his old classmates.

The story of a widow of one of the members of the class of 1962 who attended the Gianera Lunch in honor of her husband and was touched by her induction into the Gianera Society, which solidified her place in the Bronco family.

The story of two groups of alumni from the classes of 1977 and 2012 who faced off in an air guitar battle in the Mission Gardens towards the end of the 35th Reunion party.

These are just a few of the tales told to University staff; we are sure they represent just a fraction of the memories that were made this past weekend. It remains our pleasure to be able to offer our alumni the opportunity to come back and have a wonderful time with classmates and friends, both old and new.

We would also like to acknowledge the many hands that contributed to the successful execution of the Grand Reunion effort: Members of the Santa Clara Fund team who, from the very beginning, have been tireless partners in coordinating reunion committees and organizing efforts to inform the classes about their milestone celebrations; Santa Clara staff from University Relations as well as various other departments around campus who organized events, volunteered their time throughout the weekend, and did their part to ensure that everything ran smoothly; Student workers who drove golf carts, worked check-in, staffed events, and provided many hours of much needed assistance; and the folks behind the scenes in Facilities and Campus Safety, whose hard work before, during, and after the weekend made much of this possible.

We thank each and every one of our alumni, as well as their family members and friends, for celebrating all things Santa Clara with us during Grand Reunion Weekend! We appreciate your time, your enthusiasm, and your pride in your alma mater. Please help us in our efforts to continually improve Grand Reunion by filling out the attendee survey. Feedback from those of you who were unable to attend is welcomed as well. All survey respondents will be entered into a drawing for a $75 Visa gift card, so we hope you will take a few minutes and share your thoughts with us.

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend.

Go Broncos!

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