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PURPOSE: The purpose of this requirement is to help the student integrate an understanding of the goals and social impact of technology, an understanding of how technology works (as described in its characteristic methods), and a proficiency in applicable computer skills. Contemporary society, with its dependence on technology and its emphasis on technological change, demands awareness of and proficiency in appropriate technology in each discipline, especially computers. Moreover, the Universityís commitment to values, community, and justice demands a critical attitude to technology.

STUDENT OUTCOMES: Through a combination of lecture and laboratory courses, the student will demonstrate an understanding of the nature of technology and its social context, the ways computer networks are structured and how they can be used as sources of information in the particular field of interest to the student, and some discipline-specific applications.

COURSE: ARTS AND SCIENCES students must select one course from the following list. BUSINESS students fulfill this requirement by the combination of Data Analysis and Information Systems requirement in the School of Business. ECONOMICS students in the College of Arts and Sciences may fulfill the requirement by taking one course from the Arts and Sciences list or by taking the courses required for business students. ENGINEERING students fulfill this requirement by the combination of (i) ENGR 1 or ENGR 19; (ii) an engineering course requiring extensive computer usage (COEN 11, 44 or an approved equivalent); and (iii) any upper-division course in the studentís major department.

Art Studio

70 Art in the Computer Age
71 Digital Printmaking
171 Digital Printmaking


109 Genetics and Society


120 Computer Applications in Chemistry


12 Technology and Communication

Computer Engineering

1 Understanding Digital Technology


19 Ethics in Technology


138 Internet Culture and the Information Society

Environmental Studies

115 GIS in Environmental Science
145 Environmental Technology

Liberal Studies

75 Technology and Learning


3 Introduction to Computing and Applications
10 Introduction to Computer Science


117 Science, Technology, and Society


8 Introduction to Space Sciences

Political Science

170 Research Methods in Political Science
172 Research Methods in International Relations
173 Research Methods in Comparative Politics
174 Research Methods in American Political Behavior


50  Ways of Knowing


49 Computers, the Internet, and Society
120 Quantitative Methods and Applied Statistics
149 Business, Technology, and Society


35 Technology and Theatre

The quarterly Schedule of Classes provides a comprehensive list of those courses offered in a particular quarter that meet this requirement.

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