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PURPOSE: Ethics concerns how people ought to live. It therefore has a practical purpose. It approaches issues from a normative point of view and is thus concerned with what it means to live a good life and how we should treat others. In dealing with such matters, ethics examines justifications for normative claims and the theories that structure them. Adopting an ethical perspective is an indispensable part of participation in and leadership of any community.

STUDENT OUTCOMES: Students will be able to think and write critically about classic and contemporary moral problems; moral concepts such as right/wrong conduct and good/bad character; and ideals such as justice, happiness, dignity, rights, and equality. They will be prepared with the conceptual resources for making moral decisions in their personal and professional lives. Because cognitive and emotional maturity contributes to the success of this outcome, students should normally have at least sophomore status before taking this course.

COURSE: One course in ethics from the approved offerings, preferably after 44 quarter units. BUSINESS students must take either Management 6 or Philosophy 6. ENGINEERING and ARTS AND SCIENCES students may choose from the following courses.


19 Ethics in Technology


6 Business Ethics


2 Introduction to Ethics
2H Introduction to Ethics: Honors
3 Ethical Issues in Computing
4 Ethics and Gender
5 Ethical Issues in Society
6 Ethical Issues in Business
7 Ethical Issues in Medicine
8 Ethical Issues in Politics
9 Ethical Issues and the Environment
10 Ethical Issues in the Law
109 Ethics and the Environment
110 Ethical Issues in the Health Professions
112 Ethics in Management
113 Ethics and Constitutional Law
115 Feminism and Ethics
118 Ethics and Warfare
119 Special Topics in Applied Ethics
120 Ethical Theory
121 Classic Issues in Ethics
122 Political Philosophy and Ethics
123 Marx and Ethics
124 Virtue Ethics
129 Special Topics in Ethical Theory
154 Philosophy of Law


114 Ethics in Psychology

Religious Studies

TESP 157 Ethical Issues in the Health Professions
TESP 159 Ethics and Warfare

The quarterly Schedule of Classes provides a comprehensive list of those courses offered in a particular quarter that meet this requirement.

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